2021-2022 Podium Pass Rates


If you ski or snowboard then you know that moment when your body is in rhythm with the earth, and you dance with nature in perfect beat, with powder snow as your dance floor. That, dear friends is living.

Something brings us back to the snow, time and time and time again. Something stirs in us to wrestle with ski boots and not always win! To brave blizzards and cold. There is a common thread and bond between those that ski and snowboard. Get the most out of winter with a Podium Pass for 2021/22.

GOLD Full Memberships
Valid Monday & Tuesday (9am-4:30pm)
Wednesday to Sunday (9am-9pm)
Summer Rate

June 1st 2021 until June 30th 2021


September 7th

*TIER 2 Pricing   *TIER 3 Pricing
Adult (ages 18 – 64) $495 $450 $610 $655 $685
Youth (ages 6-17) $410 $365 $510 $565 $585
Senior (ages 65+) $410 $365 $510 $565 $585
Tiny Tyke (ages 3 – 5) $50 $40 $55 $59 $65

* start dates for Tier 2 pricing structure activation occurs when Tier 1 limit allotment of Podium Passes sell out

* start dates for Tier 3 pricing structure activation occurs when Tier 2 limit allotment of Podium Passes sell out

SILVER 5×5 Memberships
Valid Until Night Operations Begin: Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm
Valid When Night Operations begin until March 20, 2022:Monday & Tuesday 9am-4:30pmWednesday to Friday 9am-9m & Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm-9pm. Access allowed only at 3:30pm Dec. 27, 2020 through to Dec. 30, 2021.
Valid: When Night Operations End Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm
Summer Rate

June 1st until June 30 2021

*ONLY IN JUNE! RENEWAL RATE*!   TIER 1 Pricing Sept 7th   *TIER 2


  *TIER 3


5×5 Membership (ages 6+)


$245 $200 $295 $345 $360


*Renewal Rate Savings exclusive to 20/21 Podium Passholder, based on 21/22 purchase during the June Sale Period ONLY*

  1. All prices in CAD plus HST.
  2. Pass pricing is based on age at time of purchase.
  3. Podium Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  4. Podium Passholders have the option to purchase Season Pass Insurance through Red Sky which may cover full or partial refunds subject to the terms and conditions outlined in Red Sky’s insurance policy.
  5. Mount St. Louis Moonstone operations are subject to Government and Public Health legislation in regards to COVID-19 and are subject to change without notice.
  6. Mount St. Louis Moonstone will validate all Podium Pass Renewal purchases to ensure compliance. If a Podium Pass purchase is found to be non-compliant with for any reason, not limited to but including previous fradulent use, disputed charges, etc., Mount St. Louis Moonstone will void the Podium Pass purchase without notice. Guests not observing this policy will be required to purchase their 2021/22 Podium Pass at the full posted rate.
  7. Read full list of Podium Pass Terms & Conditions here