skool yard Grom Park, Junkyard Progression Park & Outback Super Park


SkooL YaRd Grom Park


The SkooL YaRd Grom Park is considered to be Mount St Louis Moonstone’s classroom slope styles! It’s designed for skiers and riders who are new to freestyle terrain, and help them understand terrain park etiquette and adjust to different types of features. This park contains small features that are low to the ground and perfect for learning.

Thicker rails, low fat boxes, rollers, mini bumps and a teensy lil’ ¼ pipe help skiers and riders learn to love the Terrain Park.

The SkooL YaRd has revolutionized our approach to teaching kids and adults to shred. Kids are able to attain their goals while having fun, leaving the hill feeling like they have accomplished something rather than just participating.


Junkyard Progression Park


We haven’t forgotten about the little guys.  Everyone knows size doesn’t matter…it is all about how you shred it.

Every year, the Junkyard is always the first terrain park to open anywhere in Ontario!

The exceptional attention to detail the Junkyard receives is why all the early season shedders flock to Mount St Louis Moonstone.

The Junkyard houses lots of super smooth rails, buttery press boxes, zero gravity kickers, and “Oh Ya” a Zaugg Progression Pipe.  Mount St Louis knows how to kick off any season in style, and style starts in the Junkyard Terrain Park.

     Craig and his crew of Terrain      Park Rangers design, build and  pride themselves on new features  in the Junkyard EVERY season.

     Boredom isn’t an option; even    the most hard core MSLM fans    are given something new to hit in   the Junkyard.




The Outback is ONLY Open Wednesday - Sunday.


The Outback has the reputation; the Outback has the design; the Outback has redefined Ontario Terrain Parks, as we know it.

Craig and his crew of Park Rangers have had to build a separate building just for the awards The Outback has won!!  Every season, the Media can’t believe we build it.  Industry Reps can’t stop hitting the jumps there.  And of course Skiers and Boarders live for the rails, boxes, urban staircases and Zaugg Superpipe that call the Outback home!

Every week from Wednesday to Sunday, you’ll find some of the top skiers and boarders in Ontario sliding some of the most progressive rails and boxes around, boasting out of the Outback competition superpipe or just floating through the air down the super star jump line.

The Outback is ONLY at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.  Just ask anyone.  They’ll tell you.


The Four Main Points of Smart Style

Icon Smart Style

    Every time you use Freestyle Terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach and takeoff will directly affect your maneuver and landing.
    Before getting into freestyle terrain observe all signage and warnings. Scope around the jumps first not over them. Use your first run as a warm up run and to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Be aware that the features change constantly due to weather, usage, grooming and time of day. Do not jump blindly and use a spotter when necessary.
    Know your limits and ski/ride within your ability level. Look for small progression parks or features to begin with and work your way up. Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air. Do not attempt any features unless you have sufficient ability and experience to do so safely. Inverted aerials increase your risk of injury and are not recommended.
    Respect the terrain and others. One person on a feature at a time. Wait your turn and call your start. Always clear the landing area quickly. Respect all signs and stay off closed terrain and features

Terrain Park Signage