2021-2022 Group Rates


Hours Of Operation

Monday to Sunday 9am – 4:00pm

When night operations begin:

Monday & Tuesday 9am – 4:00pm
Wednesday to Sunday 9am – 9pm

Group Rates

  1. Mount St Louis Moonstone offers group rates on a minimum group size of 25 people.  One complimentary lift ticket is given for every 25 regular All Mountain tickets purchased.
  2. Each group must arrange their own transportation.  To qualify for discounted rates all groups must have one person in charge of the group reservation, picking up distributing lift tickets/Louis Xpress RIFD cards and making one single payment, by cash, debit, mastercard, visa upon your arrival.
  3. To reserve your trip please email [email protected]
Hours Adult 18+ Lift Only Youth 6-17 / Senior 65+ Lift Only Tiny Tyke 5 and under Beginner Lift Only

Weekday 9am – 4:00pm











Weekend/Holidays 9am – 9pm














Nights 4:00pm – 9pm











*Beginner Lift Ticket allows you on the following lifts: A1, A2, B, C, G and J


  1. The Group Coordinator proceeds to Guest Services and obtains lift tickets/Louis Express RFID Cards to distribute to the group.
  2. Participants place the Louis Xpress RFID card in the upper lift side sleeve or left side sleeve or side pocket before entering the lift area.
  3. The Louis Xpress RFID card MUST always be worn on the left side when skiing/riding.  Don’t place the RFID card near your phone, wallet or other RFID devices.  Don’t bend or hole punch the RFID card.  Replacement fee if the Louis Xpress RFID card is damaged, lost or stolen.