Wakeboarding seems like a natural way for snowboarders to make the most of the off season.

There are some definite similarities between wakeboarding and snowboarding: both are board sports where your feet are strapped down using boots, both require balance in a sideways stance, and both are exhilarating.

The sports share a fair bit of technique and terminology, so there is some definite crossover. And many people are fans of both sports. Dixie Sun News interviewed some snowboarder and wakeboarders, and they agree that fans of one should try the other.

There are, however, several key differences between the sports to keep in mind. Here are a few of the most noticeable:

1.You wear a lot less equipment when wakeboarding


This may well be a welcome change, as you won’t be bundled up in several layers of winter gear. You’ll be exposed to and enjoying the sun and the water right up against your skin.

2. You need stronger arms to wakeboard


Dixie Sun News learned that you need stronger arms for wakeboarding. You’ll also be leaning back a little from the rope to maintain your balance. Doing this can feel strange for snowboarders, and not doing it can take some getting used to for wakeboarders trying snowboarding.

3. Wakeboarding May be More Spontaneous


Having a guide doesn’t mean that wakeboarding is less exciting. In fact, Kelsi Giardiello told Dixie Sun News that “wakeboarding tricks are more spontaneous.”  As a safety-related aside, make sure you’ve established hand signals with the boat’s driver. They may need to know what is happening on your end of the rope, and vice versa.

4. Staying on Your Toes


According to Wakeboarder.com forum users, toeside edging can be an issue at first. Expect to be a little unsteady when you are making the transition between sports.

All things considered, while there are some noteworthy differences between the sports, both are fun and worth trying. Once the snowboarding season begins again, consider visiting Mount St. Louis Moonstone in Coldwater, Ontario to get back into snowboarding and skiing.

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