snowboarding tipsThere are lot of great snowboarding tips to consider, especially if you’re a beginner and nervous about doing things right. Here are 10 tips you’ll want to know for your next – or maybe your first – adventure on the slopes.

Make Sure You Dress The Part

It’s very important that you stay warm and dry enough, but you also need to be able to move around freely. Consider a leash so you don’t lose your snowboard, and make sure you have the right safety gear.

Pick The Right Board

One of the most important snowboarding tips to consider is the kind of board you’re going to use. Most are for general use, but that’s not always the case. You can get boards for freestyle, alpine, and other styles, too.

Learn Which Foot You Lead With

That’s the foot that will go first on the slopes, and you can find it by running and sliding across a smooth floor. You’ll see which foot you naturally put first.

Start Out Small

Most ski resorts and other areas where people ski have a “bunny slope” for beginners. Pick a place near the bottom of that hill so you can get comfortable with the board before you try anything more advanced.

Get Some Lessons

It’s always a good idea to have a trained professional help you get started. That way, you can get some excellent snowboarding tips that you might not know otherwise. Those can help keep you safe and also make your experience a lot more fun.

Keep Your Knees Bent

Not only can you be more aggressive that way, you’ll have more stability. You might feel like you’re bending your knees enough, but go ahead and bend them a little more, just to be safe.

Look Where You’re Headed

That’s one of the main snowboarding tips professionals will give you if you ask them. When you’re looking at all the trees whizzing by you, you’re more likely to hit them. Keep your focus pointed toward where you want to go, and you’ll avoid obstacles much more easily.

Fitness Matters

You don’t have to be a gym rat to enjoy snowboarding, but the fitter you are the easier it will be for you. That’s very important if you’re going to a high altitude location that you’re not used to. Some core strengthening exercises and general cardiovascular conditioning should be on your list before you ever hit the slopes.

Know How To Fall

No matter how careful you’re trying to be with your snowboarding, you’re going to fall. You might even fall a lot, especially right at first. Don’t let it upset you. Everyone has to learn. What you want to be careful about, though, is not getting hurt. If you can fall uphill, you’ll be less likely to get injured. Since that’s not always possible, it’s important to learn how to fall both uphill and downhill in order to protect yourself and minimize risk of injury.

Take The Time To Enjoy What You’re Doing

All the snowboarding tips in the world can’t help you have fun. That’s something you need to do yourself. Take some friends or family members with you, and make a day of learning everything from how to strap yourself onto the board to how to take a tumble without injury. The more you’re enjoying yourself, the more likely you’ll be to find snowboarding to be a winter activity you’ll want to continue for a long time to come.