Podium Pass/Program Pass Terms & Conditions


Podium Pass/Program Pass Terms & Conditions

  • Podium Pass/Program Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • If Ski Pass Preserver insurance has not been purchased there are no refunds or MSLM Credits.
  • Red Sky Claims Team through email [email protected] or by phone 1-866-889-7409 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Podium Pass/Program Pass Terms & Conditions

A Podium Pass or a Program Pass holds a lot of value. You must have it with you to access the mountain when you visit Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

If your Podium Pass or Program Pass is lost or forgotten, please visit the Louis chalet front office for reissue. Guests may not access the mountain without their Louis Xpress RFID card.

Every reprint will have a non-refundable administrative fee associated to it. Once your Podium Pass or Program Pass has been reprinted, your original Louis Xpress RFID card will be void and will no longer permit lift access.

If you happen to find your original Louis Xpress RFID card, please carefully dispose of it to avoid any confusion at the lift for the remainder of the season.

Reprints are at the discretion of the Front Office department and may be capped at any time during the season. If a voided Podium Pass or Program Pass is found in use by a person other than the rightful holder, it will be revoked and the rightful holder may be barred from Resort facilities for the remainder of the winter season, without refund.

Podium Pass/Program Pass Terms & Conditions

Mount St Louis Moonstone reserves the right to revoke Podium Pass/Program Pass without refund for:

  1. Misconduct or breach of the Alpine Responsibility Code
  2. Violation of terrain park rules and/or chairlift safety procedures
  3. Assisting another person in any way to obtain unauthorized entry to Mount St Louis Moonstone
  4. Attempted use of Louis Xpress RFID card by someone other than the photographed person
  5. Unauthorized reproduction or any other misuse of Podium Pass/Program Pass/daily lift tickets and/or coupons
  6. Acting disrespectfully toward Mount St Louis Moonstone staff or other patrons
  7. Failure to comply with COVID19 regulations, protocols and policies

These or other violations may result in criminal prosecution.

 As a Passholder, I agree:

  1. To read, understand and abide by Mount St Louis Moonstone’s “Alpine Responsibility Code” and Podium Pass/Program Pass Terms and Conditions:
  2. To read, understand and execute a Release of Liability Agreement;
  3. Not to teach skiing or snowboarding at Mount St. Louis Moonstone for remuneration; and
  4. Not to allow use of my Podium Pass/Program Pass by any other person.

I understand that the breach of this contract is a serious offense.  Every Louis Xpress RFID card remains the property of Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort Limited.