Should you buy your snowboard in the summer? The short answer is yes.

Experts and snowboarders sharing their wisdom in forums agree that summer is the time to buy. Why? No one is thinking about snowboarding in the summer (unless they are longing for the beginning of the season); because no one needs the equipment immediately,  there isn’t going to be the same necessity for consumers to purchase equipment. Manufacturers are also eager to get rid of last season’s equipment. A lot of gear ends up on discount stores online.

According to snowboarding posters in the know on Reddit, summer and spring are your best options. New equipment comes out at the beginning of the fall, which means sales on the older stuff at the end of the summer. As one user explains, “Sellers deeply discount their inventories to make room for the coming season’s new gear, and individuals want to sell their own stuff so that they can get the latest gear when it hits stores.”

While the hot months of the year are great times to get new equipment, don’t buy later in the fall or during the winter. As explains, “After October, you will begin to see last season’s skis and snowboards begin to rise in price again. [ . . . ] What was 50% off in September, will only be 40% or even 30% off in November or December.” So don’t buy at Christmas; while manufacturers in other industries have great sales over the holidays, ski makers are in the middle of their peak season and aren’t worried about making money.

When the season finally rolls around again, you’ll have a chance to test the equipment you bought on discount. Snowboarders near Barrie can get their fix by checking out Mount St. Louis Moonstone hills or visiting our Pro Shop.