SnowSchool Progression

About Riders & MSLM

MSLM are proud to connect with Riders Program, for the benefit of our guests. The Riders Program has been developed in partnership with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, (CASI) and Canada Snowboard. The Riders Program will allow participants to become more of a “complete rider” and prepare for a lifelong enjoyment of snowboarding.

Snowboard Progression

CASI Quick Ride, Learn to Snowboard program, has a goal to create a certain level of mobility, control, and enjoyment as quickly as possible. Riders Program, learning goals will focus on developing all-mountain riding and learning the basics of all snowboard disciplines. As rider ability increases, and additional goal will focus on refining all mountain riding and introducing discipline specific skills in the areas of Speed, Jumps and Turns, Slopestyle and Halfpipe.

Program Schedule

As a beginning rider, the 8 week schedule focuses on following tactics which are successful in improving rider level of mobility and control, in a safe enjoyable environment. Once these levels reach a stage of comfort, a typical 8 week schedule, providing the foundation for snowboarders at an intermediate and advanced skill level, would follow these basic themes.

Week 1
Fundamentals Goal – get to know the Athletes, assess their level of riding and set programming atmosphere

Week 2
Carving Goal – improving edging skills

Week 3
Generating Lift Goal – learning to generate lift & introduction to terrain adaptation

Week 4
Introduction to Alpine Snowboarding Goal – Introduction to Alpine Racing Skills and Steering

Week 5
Introduction to Slopestyle Goal – Learn Park Safety and the basic skills for jumps and boxes

Week 6
Introduction to Snowboard-cross Goal – Introduction to Snowboard – cross skills – absorption, timing, banked turns etc.

Week 7
Slopestyle Skills Goal – add onto the basic skills taught earlier in the season and increase confidence in the park

Week 8
Program Review and Wrap Up Goal – review of all disciplines – wrap up for program Program themes may be affected by conditions and feature availability, which may alter the order of themes and/or focus.

Ultimately, the aim of the program is to build a passion and dedication to the sport that will create lifelong Riders who promote Safe Riding Skills and Park Etiquette.