This extreme water sport has a lot to love about it for anyone who enjoys board sports.

According to Aqua Sports Maui, kiteboarding “combines the excitement of paragliding, surfing and wakeboarding”, as “kiteboarders propel them selves thru the water on boards (similar to wakeboards or snow boards) with the help of  large power kites, (similar to a paraglider) attached to a bar by 4 or 5 lines.”

Unlike with wakeboarding, a popular summer alternative for snowboarders, kiteboarding doesn’t require a boat to pull you along. While initial costs can seem high–new gear can be almost $2,000, according to inMotion KiteSurfing, though used equipment can cut your costs in half–once you have what you need and have learned how to use it, you’re set.

Are You Ready to Kiteboard?

Kiteboarding is a self-contained warm-weather sport that’s guaranteed to give you that adrenaline high you look for with extreme sports.

And contrary to rumour, you don’t need to be in amazing shape to kiteboard; as Aqua Sports Maui explains, “You wear a harness, either around your waist or your hips, and the kite is connected to it. Your body weight absorbs most of the pull of the kite while your arms are used primarily for steering. Average upper body strength is all that’s required.”

And the sport is open to both the young and the old (though Aqua Sports Maui doesn’t recommend the sport for children under 9 due to concentration issues).

Do I Need Kiteboarding Lessons?

If you are already into a board sport like snowboarding, you’ll still need instruction to kiteboard safely, though some of your skills may be transferable. As outlined by inMotion Kiteboarding, lessons are important for safety rules and regulations, knowledge about weather conditions, information about kite setup, and learning how to launch, land, and fly your kite. You also don’t need previous water sport experience–just the ability to swim!

Kiteboarding may be just what you need to get you through the off season. When the cold weather returns, you may want to check out Mount St. Louis Moonstone if you’re in Southern Ontario.