The dawn of snowboarding started during the halfway point of the 1960s when Sherman Poppen had the idea to tie a pair of skis together so he could help get his daughters down the hill in an easier way. The idea became so popular among his daughter’s friends that he christened the invention the “snurfer” and teamed up with a manufacturer to sell millions of them.

Since then, the popularity of snowboarding has risen, recently peaking during the late 2000s in terms of equipment sales. When deciding whether or not you should get your kids involved in skiing or snowboarding, the physicality and popularity of these sports should be considered alongside the wishes of your child.

Know Your Child

It’s important to focus on your child’s enjoyment of the sport. If your child tends to marvel at the exploits of Shaun White, there’s a good chance he wants to snowboard. If your child loves to follow the skill and speed of Lindsey Vonn, there’s a good chance she wants to ski.

Taking cues from your child, including the preferences of his or her friends, will go a long way when it comes to determining whether skiing or snowboarding is the right choice for your kid.

Learning the Sport

Lessons are crucial. This gives your child a chance to learn either snowboarding or skiing in a safe and structured set up, supervised by a qualified trainer.

You may be tempted to teach them yourself. Try to avoid this. Having an instructor guide your child through the early stages of learning can be a lot less stressful. It saves you from the emotion and anxiety out of teaching them yourself.

Also, lessons for children are very affordable, with the option of having them learn in a private or group setting.

Looking for an Ideal Ski Hill?

Getting your kids to the ski hill is a task in itself, but finding a good ski hill that offers rentals, lessons and beautiful snowy hills is another task. At Mount St. Louis Moonstone, families return to our resort year after year because of the incredible experience kids (and their parents) get from our top notch hills and fun kid’s programs.

Find out more about our skiing, snowboarding and even our freestyle terrain, or buy your tickets online, and enjoy a perfect day in the outdoors with your family.