Snow School FAQ's

New activities bring many new enquiries.  Do not be afraid to ask questions at any Guest Service Desk at the Resort or at any Snow School Meeting Area.

Here are a few commonly asked questions:

How quickly will I master the sport?
We all learn at different rates.  Factors, which determine the speed of learning, are being open-minded to a new sport or activity, age group, and physical ability.  Understanding your capabilities will help you achieve reasonable progress.  Everyone can learn!  Focus on having fun while experiencing new skills, and then your rate of improvement will increase.  

Is the sport safe?
Our sport is becoming safer with today’s technology in skis, boards, bindings and safety equipment.  Skiing/riding is no more dangerous than activities such as biking, soccer, tennis or roller blading.  Knowing your limitations and following the Skiers Responsibility code will make you experience a safe one.

How important is fitness?
You do not have to be a top-notch athlete.  If in moderate shape, you will less likely tire easily and you will learn faster.  Today’s equipment does speed up the learning curve.  Expect to fall when learning.  Being in shape will allow you to bounce back quicker.  You can prepare by walking, jogging and stretching.

What kinds of facilities are available?
Mount St Louis Moonstone offers one thing only – the best skiing/riding in Ontario, day and nights.

  • Skiing riding from beginner to advanced. 
  • Ample parking at 2 Base Lodges, 
  • Foodservices in both lodges,
  • Snow School, Boutique, Restrooms,
  • Full Rental packages,
  • Ski/Ride programs for all ages.

Should I take a lesson/session?
Starting up a new activity – we think you should!  Our goal is to guide you in the right direction under a positive learning environment so you can enjoy the sport for a lifetime and improve at a proper pace.

How can I get my children involved?
Our Snow School offers something for everyone.  Starting young is a bonus.  We do have a program for children from ages 3 and up.  Click here for details about our Snow School Programs and Child Care operation.