It’s July and snow season seems like a long ways away. Ontario’s skiing and snowboarding community is currently dormant, while hopefully not letting their legs get too atrophied.

To make sure that your legs are ready when the weather gets cold again, try these exercises to make sure your body is ready for ski and snowboard season:

Jump Squats
One of the best ways to increase leg strength and build explosive power for next year’s jumps.

From a deep squat position jump up as high as you can and reach for the ceiling with your hands as you jump.

Oblique Twists W/Medicine Ball
A strong core is important for stability and tight turns.

From a sitting position, hold the medicine ball with both hands out in front of your abs. Arms bent slightly. Lean back slightly and elevate your legs off the floor. Rotate from side to side and touch the ball on the floor on either side of you

You know the drill. You need strong upper body muscles to help brace yourself and catch yourself on falls.

Remember to keep your head looking down at the floor. Inhale as you lower yourself down. Exhale pushing your body away from the floor, while straightening your arms out.

Calf Raises:
Snowboarders can burn their lower legs out pretty quickly. So build your calve muscles by standing on one foot holding a dumbbell in your hand. Raise up on the ball of your foot and raise down. Elevate yourself on a ledge if possible.

Walking Lunges:
Simple and effective, this is another great way to build/ keep power over the summer. While standing, take a large step forward and lower down until your back knee almost hits the ground. Push up and step forward, then continue on with the other leg.

Bike riding:
Try this cardio to keep your wind and endurance up over the summer months. It works the legs, without the same wear and tear on your knees as jogging on pavement.