Kids grow like weeds, it’s just a fact of life. Sure, it can be cute to see how much Little Timmy has grown since last season, but sometimes you’re just left shouting to the heavens, “Can you just stop growing and use the same equipment for two seasons in a row!”. So below we’ve compiled four strategies for getting ski gear for kids who don’t stop growing.

Second Hand

There’s no law stating that everything you buy for your child has to be brand-new, state-of-the-art. You can save a pretty considerable amount of money from buying some gently used, and well loved equipment. Chances are, the seller knows exactly what you’re going through, they probably bought the equipment for their growing child. In addition, once your child outgrows the equipment you can spread the love and sell the equipment to a next-generation of mini-skiers. Plus, saving money = more money for ski trips!

Buy Equipment That Grows With Your Child

Telescopic poles have been around for awhile and are perfect for kids who are getting taller and taller. There have also been some really incredible innovations in adjustable ski boots for children. Some of the more modern styles can fit a range of 6 boot sizes, plus can adjust along other dimensions such as cuff height. If you’re interested in a long term investment in your child’s equipment, these are definitely items worth looking at.

Online Retailers

Check the internet, with all of the competition online you may be able to find a sweet deal that you may not be able to find in a physical store. Be very careful though, make sure you do extensive research and read the reviews online. Only buy brands that you know and trust, not the cheapest equipment you can find. Make sure the vendor is reliably and has costumer review ratings, uses a trusted payment processor, and ships on time. Also keep an eagle eye on shipping and handling expenses. Some boots that look like a great deal may get a huge delivery fee slapped on, costing you more than you had anticipated


And finally, rent. If your child is growing faster than you can keep up than just rent the equipment. Almost every ski hill has equipment that can be rented by the day. This saves you the risk of having the child outgrow the equipment, because the next time out you can simply rent the next size up.

Of course, we have the area’s best rental fleet, full of state-of-the-art Rossignol skis and boots. Our Rossignol experience centre rental department will have the kids outfitted, comfortable and looking great.

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