RFID Louis Xpress Card

Pulling out a lift ticket or hanging your Podium Season Pass from your jacket is a thing of the past!

With MSLM’s new RFID access systems installed across the resort, it’s never been more convenient and easy. Your purchase experience is contact less and your skiing and riding makes direct to lift better.

Less waiting in line. More skiing and riding.


To help with contactless pick-up automated self-serve ticket kiosks & pick up boxes are located at both the Louis and Moonstone Bases. Purchase online, skip the ticket line, and pick up your Louis Xpress Card lift tickets or Podium Passes when you arrive on-site. Lesson & Rental Packages are not redeemable at the ticket kiosks.

Kiosk Locations

  • Louis / Located to the left of the main entrance beside the new ticket window.
  • Moonstone  /  Located adjacent to the main entrance

Ticket Pick–Up

Reload + Go

Louis Xpress card RFID lift tickets are reloadable. You can go straight from the car to the slopes, visit after visit as long as you reloaded your ticket in advance online. Advanced purchase discounts also apply for the best savings.

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How to use your Louis Xpress Card RFID lift ticket

Louis Xpress RFID card

The key to an easy, convenient and amazing experience at Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort.


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Louis Xpress Card RFID FAQS

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. A circuit is integrated into your lift ticket or season pass.  When passing through the access gates at Mount St. Louis Moonstone this circuit will register, opening the gates for you.

Why is MSLM using RFID?

RFID provides a ton of great guest benefits like contactless purchasing, direct-to-lift access, convenient ticket pick-up, reloadable lift tickets, and ease of access to the mountain.

Where should I put my Louis Xpress RFID Card Podium Pass/lift ticket?

Louis Xpress RFID cards whether it’s a lift ticket or Podium season pass must be carried in a pocket separate from other personal items like credit/debit cards, cell phones, or items like wrappers with metal foil. Do not keep your card in your wallet, as it will not be read by the access gates.  For readability it is best to have your card somewhere between your shoulders and knees. For younger skiers/riders Louis Xpress RFID cards should be kept slightly higher from the waist up.

Is RFID better than old paper lift tickets and old plastic Season Pass cards?

RFID = hands free, so you never have to worry about fumbling to pull out your pass or ticket again. RFID tickets or passes are read using an embedded passive radio frequency chip, meaning it does not require a line of sight.

Can Louis Xpress RFID card be used to access my personal information?

No, each Louis Xpress RFID card ticket or pass contains a unique multi-digit number or code associated with your guest profile.  Just like before this profile is stored in our database, which is not accessible to guests or employees.

Will RFID interfere with my other wireless devices?

No, your cellphone, headphones and other devices are safe. The radio frequencies used by RFID are assigned by regulatory agencies around the world to help ensure that no interference occurs.

How far can a passive RFID tag be read?

Typically, passive low-frequency (LF) cards/tags have a read range of up to 3 feet.

Does RFID affect pacemakers?

Our Axess lift and resort access system is CE certified and complies with all standards. With the correct use of devices there is no risk for guests using pacemakers when passing hands free entry systems. However, for reasons of precaution and compliance with the general requirements applicable, the following recommendations for using electromagnetic units should be adhered to:

  • Guests with pacemakers should not wear their pass/lift cards near the heart when passing through the gate.
  • A distance of 8 to 12 inches should be observed in the case of queues and while passing through the gate. If vertigo or sickness is experienced, get out of the direct vicinity of the gate or device.

Are there other health or safety concerns associated with using RFID?

RFID technology does not radiate any RF energy, but instead reflects it.

Will a magnet destroy my Louis Xpress RFID Podium pass/ticket?

No, the RFID chip and information is not stored magnetically. A magnet or other erasing device has no effect on the RFID chip/antenna.

Can I punch a hole in my Louis Xpress RFID card or wear on a lanyard or keychain?

No, please do not punch holes in the Mount St. Louis Moonstone Louis Xpress RFID cards. Each card has an embedded antenna surrounding the embedded RFID chip so cards are readable when passing through an entry gate. Damage to the antenna will deactivate the card, resulting in a pass or ticket replacement fee. We suggest keeping your RFID card in a pocket by itself, or if you prefer, a lanyard with sleeve can be purchased online for a nominal fee to hold your card.

Will my RFID pass/ticket be ruined in wash/dryer?

Don’t fret, your pass/ticket is safe. RFID cards will hold up to normal wear and tear including a run through your washer and dryer.

Does my RFID pass/ticket require power or charging?

Passive RFID tags, which we use at the resort, do not require batteries and have a virtually unlimited life span.