Student Trips Rental Form

There are separate rental forms for skiing, snowboarding and snowblading. The following information needs to be entered:

  • Student’s last and first name
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ability (see type listed on the rental form)
  • Age

You will be assinged a blocks of rental numbers prior to your arrival, enter the numbers down the left side (rental # column)

Rental forms completed in advance of your trip will save you time!

Students Should Know Their Rental Number

Each student renting will be asked this number. Please have the rental forms with you when you arrive.  Send copy of the rental forms in advance by fax or email to:

ATTN: Sherry Truax
Email [email protected]
Or Fax 705-835-2831.

Every student’s preassigned rental number will be written on their lift ticket by the rental staff and this allows them to flow through the rental department.