How to Fill out Rental Forms

Download School Ski/Snowboard/Snowblade Rental Form

There are separate rental forms for skiing, snowboarding and snowblading. Enter in the information requested on the appropriate rental form(s) for each student based on their choice of skiing, snowboarding or snowblading. The following information is required.

  • Student's last and first name
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ability (see type listed on the rental form)
  • Age
  • Students will be asked their shoe size

Blocks of rental numbers are required prior to your arrival, so please call Toronto Toll Free 877-835-2112 or 705-835-2112. When you have received your rental numbers, enter the numbers down the left side (rental # column) filling in each line from top to bottom (total of 25 lines per page). Please continue to fill in the student's name, height, weight ability and then stopping at the age column. Having your rental forms filled in ahead of time will save you time when you go through the rental area.

It is extremely important that the renter remembers what rental number they been assigned. Each student renting will be asked this number. Please have the rental forms with you when you arrive.  Send copy of the rental forms ahead of time by fax or email to:

Mount St. Louis Moonstone.
Or Fax 705-835-2831.

When your group arrives in the rental department; students will be asked for their preassigned rental number. This rental number will be written on their lift ticket by the rental staff. With the rental number written on the student's lift ticket the student(s) can then proceed through the rental department.