All Mountain Skier

Ages 8-12

All Mountain Skier program includes: 8  consecutive 2 hour lessons with a program (lift ticket) pass.

The program pass is vaild : January 11, 2020 through to March 21, 2020 anytime.

Lesson Begins Saturday Jan 11, 2020  or Sunday Jan 12, 2020

Lesson Time:  9:30 am or 1:00pm 

This is an active program, geared toward the young intermediate to advance skier, who wants to experience all mountain skiing outside of the park.  This exciting active quick paced program will improve the "Total" skier in your child.  Skiers will be exposed to all types of terrain; bumps, groomed, and un-groomed powder.  The use of the park will be utilized at times as a tactic to improve skiing skills. 

Participants interested in the program must have the physical capability to parallel ski 90 percent of the time on blue and black slopes at MSLM.  This translates into the skier being able to parallel turn to a hockey stop, to be comfortable in entry level bumps. Participants will practice Skier Responsbiltiy Code.

A photo is require for the participants program pass.  You may pick up the program pass before the program begins in the main office located in the Mount St Louis chalet, or wait and pick up the program pass up on the first day of the programs at the Moonstone chalet.  Program passes will not be mailed to you.

The program takes place at our Moonstone Chalet.  It is recommended on the first week of programs to arrive 45 minutes before the program beings.

Program will not take place the weekend of Feb 15 & 16, 2020.

Allow 48 hours for order to be processed.


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