PACE Penguin


The PACE Penguin Children’s Ski Safety Program aims to help keep little penguins safe at Mount St Louis Moonstone. Developed with tremendous support from the Canadian Ski Patrol System
(Central Zone), PACE promotes a positive and safe experience for young skiers and their families.

PACE outlines simple and easy steps parents, children and fellow skiers/snowboarders can take to encourage a safe, fun-filled day for everyone on the slopes. Parents, kids and other skiers will find the program simple to follow.

PACE Penguin wants today’s little penguins to grow into safe, dedicated lifelong skiers and snowboarders!

We want families to have a fun, safe day on the slopes. That’s why we partnered with the PACE program. Your child will learn the Alpine Responsibility Code and other skiers/snowboarders will be reminded to give your child space and slow down around them. At Mount St Louis Moonstone young children receive a special, bright PACE Bib to wear, so everyone will recognize them as young skiers.