Happy Holidays!  Our family deeply wishes we could welcome you to Mount St Louis Moonstone, especially with over 70cm of fresh snowfall the mountain has received since Christmas day. Snow conditions are in fact phenomenal.

On behalf of our family, we want you to know that ski and snowboard season is not over in Ontario!  Our resort along with fellow Snow-sport industry Operators and Public Health are working together to safely reopen for skiing and snowboarding on January 23rd. In some cases, to the north of our province, even sooner.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone cannot help but mention the 550 dedicated employees that have lost their employment at our ski resort alone due to the lockdown. The severe economic impact of job loss from ski areas closing temporarily in Ontario will be felt negatively across our entire province and multiple business sectors this winter.

To be successful, there are two jobs that working together we all must accomplish during this second provincial shut down in so that our ski resort can re-open on January 23rd.

  1. As skiers/riders, we need to follow public health rules to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We need to realize that it is our personal behaviour that leads to transmission of this virus. To Public Health that means staying within our household bubbles and for the next 28 days limiting our personal travel as much as possible.
  2. The ski industry will continue snowmaking and grooming operations and enforce safety protocols in preparation of re-opening.

To have a successful ski season upon re-opening, Skiers/Riders need to follow operating protocols when they visit.

  • Do not visit the ski resort if you or anyone in your home is feeling unwell.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Stay socially distant with skiers and riders who are not part of your household including 2m in lift lines and riding chairlifts.
  • Using your car as your base lodge & arriving dressed ready to ski while remaining outside as much as possible.

Our family has worked diligently within our industry and with Public Health in developing these rules. Please take time and read our industry’s Ski Well Be Well document at the Ontario Ski Resort Association website. This framework worked successfully for a healthy ski and snowboard season in the Southern Hemisphere. Ski areas in Australia and New Zealand worked with government and when their winter arrived at the beginning of the first wave of this pandemic, they enjoyed a full season. These safety protocols are working at ski areas across the United States and in other provinces in Canada like Quebec, BC, and Alberta. Please remember this understanding of the incredible work and effort that goes into the safe enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding across the globe.

Skiing and snowboarding are intrinsically following provincial public health COVID19 standards. People participate in their natural familial bubble, while spread across expansive areas of outdoor space that lead with ease to social distancing. Guests wear individual PPE, like facemask, gloves, and goggles; enjoying our sports at a ski resort is an activity with a naturally low risk of infection for Ontarians.

Skiing and Snowboarding play a crucial positive role in the public health and mental wellness of Ontarians during the winter. Along with winter fun, our respective sports bring physical activity and sustain healthy strong families. An active community is a healthy community and never has physical activity been more important than during this pandemic.

Our family also asks for your patience and kindness as Mount St. Louis Moonstone has longer lift line wait times due to social distancing, loading and visitation capacity controls along with limited indoor spaces. This year ski season looks different but working together we can still have a healthy and safe season.

Let the healthy magic of winter be everyone’s personal motivators when they visit ski resorts again, across Ontario and when Mount St. Louis Moonstone re-opens this winter.

Our family looks forward to January 23rd and seeing you on the slopes again soon.


The Huter Family