10 Most Expensive Snowboards in The World

Feb 27, 2014

There are a wide number of snowboards that are on the market.  The prices range from low to very high.  This article will describe ten of the most expensive snowboards that are available for purchase.

Virus the Goddess Matt

The creators of this snowboard found a way to embody the very origins of snowboarding in a board.  This is made from carbon, Kevlar fabric, and Titanal.  The core is an ash solid wood; and there are Cylon reinforcements throughout the board.  At least thirty hours are spent creating and perfecting each of these Virus boards to ensure the consumer receives the highest quality workmanship possible.

Boheme Swallow

Boheme is a company that is known for producing some of the most expensive snowboards in the world.  The Swallow is a board that is as unique as its rider.  The pintails create straight line stability that is almost unmatched throughout the market.  The Swallow can be customized depending on the rider and snow conditions, which results in a superior ride.

Kessler Alpine

The Alpine has been used on countless World Cup and Olympic races, which makes it deserving of the high price tag associated with it.  The Alpine was built using titanal construction; and displays a unique KST shape.  This shape provides excellent edgehold and turn initiation and completion.  There have been several Olympic medals won using this board.

Burton Mystery

The Burton Mystery is a board whose performance and lightweight feel make it superior compared to its competition.  The Mystery features an ultrafly core, a methlon base, and stainless frostbite edges.  This board is well-deserving of its hefty price tag because of the benefits associated with riding with this choice.  This board is the ultimate choice for riders who want a more lightweight feel but do not want to lose performance.

Maverick Powdergun

This board is much longer than its competitors.  The Powdergun features remarkable stability during descents as well as in the majority of snow conditions.  The tail of the board provides the rider with the ability to regulate his speed and take turns sharper if desired.  This company is one that knows how to make a high quality board.

The Whip

The Whip is a board that revolutionized the sport of snowboarding.  It has been deemed the Lamborghini of snowboards because of its high quality.  The Whip is a perfect board for beginners and experts alike, because it is a much more relaxed ride compared to other boards.  This board was made differently than other boards, with the technical aspects of the ride in mind.

Palmer Platinum

The Platinum is a board that has been described as riding a Cadillac.  Its core is made from poplar and beech wood; and is held together with carbon fiber laminate.  This core provides the rider with a solid, smooth, and responsive ride the entire time he is on the board.


The boards produced by Oxess are of the utmost quality.  The race boards designed by this company use a direct contact system that distributes power throughout the entire board.  This provides the rider with the ability to control their board in a more efficient way.  The boards are built with titanium, with absorbs vibrations while riding.

SG Full Race Pro Team

SG is a company that has always provided a top notch board.  The Pro Team is no exception.  This board features a wood core sandwich construction, layers of Titanal, a layer of carbon fiber to reduce vibrations, and a Nano Carbon base.  This base is the fastest base available currently.  For this reason, it is no wonder the snowboards produced by SG are among the most expensive snowboards in the world.

SG Full Carve

This board produced by SG revolutionized the way snowboarders viewed carving.  This board features quick response, easy maneuvering, excellent stability, and optimized turning.  There is a wood core construction, Triax-glassfiber layers, a carbon, rubber, and Kevlar dampening system, and a Nano Carbon base.

There you have it, the next time you plan to visit a ski resort, get yourself a snowboard that is worth every penny. 

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