10 Most Expensive Skis in The World

Feb 27, 2014

Naturally, skiers from the world over have speculated on this question, and so here is a list in descending order, including the reasons one has to pay dearly for these snow gears. Some of the figures here are astonishing but to those who can afford and have the passion of a real skier, then it is worth the cost.

1)      Lacroix's carbon fiber skis may very well top the list costing a whopping $67,000! This luxury ski set is 70mm and come in two lengths of 163cm and 170cm. They are made of Titanium Kevlar Carbon and the Smart Track Binding system. Well, that may explain the price.

2)      Mamba and lust skis by Carradan Skis go for $19,000, a handsome amount to part with. They boast the FLEX:2 system that absorbs the effects of impact and CarradanCoriolis Core that minimizes warping.

3)      Diamondback and Envyskis also by Carradan Skis cost $12,000. They also boast the FLEX:2 system in addition to CarradanCoriolis Core technology.

4)      Bentley skis are a pair of limited designer skis that are priced at @10,000. They are not for racers but more for the luxury market. Built by Zai AG atop Swiss ski brand, their sleek look makes them appealing to the eye.

5)      The FC08 by Dynastar and Ferrari are high performance skis that cost $3,500. They are made of very lightweight carbon fiber and incorporate the Autodrive Fluid system to improve stability in lines.

6)      The Volkl V-Werks RTM 84 Skis with iPT WR 12.0 Bindings are the ultimate skis for a lighter and stronger performance. Retailing at $1,300, the skis are made of a blend of Aramid, Titanal and Carbon fiber blend called Metal-Tex Hybrid. It is a combination of power and finesse.

7)      The Volkl V-Werks Katana Skis have won the Skiing Tester's Choice Awards. They are ultra-lightweight without compromising their high--powered performance. A pair will cost a skier $1,100.

8)      The ElanAmphibio 88XTI Fusion is a high--powered ski. Using the Amphibio Rocker technology, the skis are able to tackle hard maneuvers while maintaining stability. This pair goes for $1,000.

9)      The K2 A.M.P Charger skis go for $950 and come with the K2/Marker MX 12 bindings making them smoother at the tips and tails. They have the ability to handle incredible high speeds with ease.

10)  The KASTLE LX 92 Skis with K12 CTI Bindings goes for $1,000. The 92mm waist of the skis enables unparalleled handling capabilities with a single radius that maximizes maneuverability.

So there you have it. These are the most expensive skis available for those whose wallets do not present an obstacle.

Buying Guide for Skis

Although the skis brands listed above are popular with most people, it is important to note that no single brand will work perfectly for everyone. Most of the major brand features different models that fit different people; therefore, it is important to follow some simple steps when selecting the right skis.

·         The first step when selecting skis is to consider the general ski design and function; for example, whether the design is for a specific gender, intended use, and ability level.

·         Having considered the right design of skis, one should decide which one is perfect for a particular skill level. Manufacturers design skis for beginners, advanced beginners, those in the intermediate skill level, advanced intermediate, advanced, as well as expert skiers.

·         The third step in choosing the skis is choosing the right type; for instance, there are all--mountain skis, powder skis, twin tip skis, and race skis.

·         It is also important to choose skis with the right turning radius, which is the natural circle that a pair of skis can perform on edge, when the skier applies his or her weight properly.

·         One should choose skis that feature integrated bindings, unless one is an expert or freestyle skier.

·         Finally, the length is also important when choosing skis.

Whether one is skiing competitively, or just having fun at a local ski resort, having the right skis is important.

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