Tough Mudder Training Tip BLOG #13 with Tara Hunt of Anytime Fitness

Aug 7, 2012

Make sure you select shorts that won’t cause chafing (rub your inner thighs, ouch!).  Be sure to test out your shoes for irritating laces, blisters as well as their ability to deal with water, trails and lots and lots of mud.  Your shirt should be comfortable and preferable wick sweat and water so that you are not weighing yourself down (avoid cotton if at all possible). 

Sports drinks and snacks should also be tested during training to ensure your body is comfortable both with the ingredients and timing of when you take them.  It is important to be well hydrated before, during and after the race.  Avoid eating anything approximately 90 minutes before the race. Due to the length of the event you will want to replenish your sugars both out on the course as well as post event.  Add some protein to your post event recovery snack as your muscles will thank you!  Please message me if you have any sport specific questions. 

Thank you to Tough Mudder, Mount St. Louis Moonstone and my Tuesday Night Training Camp group for a great training season.  Over the past ten weeks we have literally shared blood, sweat and tears! I look forward to sharing in the entire event experience with each and everyone of you!

Tara Hunt??

Tara Hunt, PTA, MBS, NWS
Before opening a community leading health club in Midland ON (soon to be an Anytime Fitness franchise) Tara worked for the Ministry of Health and Corrections where she provided fitness programs to patients, inmates and staff. 
As a respected athlete in multi-sport, triathlon, running and kettlebells, Tara was the first Canadian to win an XTerra Adventure Triathlon in 2000.  She is known for her innovative, motivating and challenging coaching style. 
Wife to Ed Hunt, famous solo mountain biker together they have 2 young children.  As trainers and partners they share in the role of providing purpose driven coaching to help others find balance with work, rest and play


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