Tough Mudder Training Tips Blog #9 with Tara Hunt of Anytime Fitness

Jun 28, 2012

Tough Mudder Training Tips #9

As many of you know, Tough Mudder donates funds to Wounded Warriors, an organization that helps injured service members. These veterans face everyday physical struggles whether it be walking, combing their hair, driving, working out and more…otherwise daily active living skills we all take for granted.

When you arrive at the start line of Tough Mudder you will be among these brave men and women who despite everyday challenges will complete the obstacle course and proudly share in a toast at the finish line.  These heroes are a true example of mind over matter. 

As the owner of a fitness facility I hear every reason why people can’t workout, “I’m too old, I’m out of shape, I don’t have time, I’m tired, I have kids” and the list goes on. The excuses I hear everyday from otherwise able bodied people start to sound like a broken record. As Chuck Runyon, co-founder of Anytime Fitness, so eloquently put in his book Working Out Sucks,

“It’s refreshing to meet individuals who despite everyday struggles find it a privilege (rather than an annoyance) to be physically active.  Yes working out sucks…but you shouldn’t have to lose a limb to appreciate the ones you have.”


The proceeds from Chuck’s book go towards an organization that provides fully functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot afford it. 


So my Mudder friends what’s your excuse?


Friend me on facebook or email me at As a reminder Tuesday 6:30-8pm is our Tough Mudder bootcamp night.  Meet at the chalet ready to rock and roll!



Tara HuntJ


Tara Hunt, PTA, MBS, NWS

Before opening a community leading health club in Midland ON (soon to be http:/ Tara worked for the Ministry of Health and Corrections where she provided fitness programs to patients, inmates and staff. 

As a respected athlete in multi-sport, triathlon, running and kettlebells, Tara was the first Canadian to win an XTerra Adventure Triathlon in 2000.  She is known for her innovative, motivating and challenging coaching style. 

Wife to Ed Hunt, famous solo mountain biker together they have 2 young children.  As trainers and partners they share in the role of providing purpose driven coaching to help others find balance with work, rest and play

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