Tough Mudder Training Tips Blog#4 with Tara Hunt

May 8, 2012

Why do we need to bype hydration?

Well for starters your muscles are made up of approximately 70% water. Your brain as well as your blood both tally in at 90% overall but our body is made up of approximately 70%...however many of us are dehydrated! This leaves us with symptoms of fatigue, mental fog and poor digestion to name to few.  In order to increase your energy levels, strength as well as brain power you gotta drink more water. 

How much water you may be asking? Well here’s a formula to help you figure it out:

Take your body weight in pounds divide it by 2 x 30=amount of fluid milliliters you need to consume everyday!

150 lbs divided by 2 x30
=2250ml of H2O/day

So there you have it Mudders, if you’re having trouble doing the math it’s probably time to sip back a nice tall glass of water!

Tara Hunt??

Tara Hunt, PTA, MBS, NWS
Before opening a community leading health club in Midland ON (soon to be an Anytime Fitness franchise) Tara worked for the Ministry of Health and Corrections where she provided fitness programs to patients, inmates and staff. 
As a respected athlete in multi-sport, triathlon, running and kettlebells, Tara was the first Canadian to win an XTerra Adventure Triathlon in 2000.  She is known for her innovative, motivating and challenging coaching style. 
Wife to Ed Hunt, famous solo mountain biker together they have 2 young children.  As trainers and partners they share in the role of providing purpose driven coaching to help others find balance with work, rest and play


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