Apr 17, 2012

The reality is hundreds of thousands of others have travelled these same thoughts before taking the Tough Mudder Oath. Don’t worry, you’re not nervous? You’re excited! In no time you will be crossing the finishing line, enjoying a cold beer and sharing tales of the toughest event on the planet with other stoked Mudders.

How did all of these other Mudders do it and how did they survive to tell the tale? Well as a fellow Mudder, I will share my secrets of what worked for me and how you can prepare now to surpass your expectations on event day. Each week follow this Train Smarter blog and I will provide you with safe, fun and effective training tips geared toward the Ontario, Canada event at Mount St. Louis Moontone August 18-19, 2012.


Tough Mudder Training Tips

#1: Periodize Your Training

There are approximately 17-18 weeks until race day, take the time to become the tortoise.  The tortoise will outperform the hare at this event.  I recommend dividing your training into 5 phases:

1. Base Phase (5-6 Weeks): Work at low to moderate intensity building cardio endurance with running/jogging 2-3x/week combined with 2x/week of full body strength training. The toughest part of this phase is holding back – train at 60 to 70 percent of your max effort.

2. Build Phase (6 Weeks): Increase your intensity to moderate and increasing your running routes to include hills and longer distances.  Continue running/jogging 2-3x/week working up to 2-2.5 hours runs 1x/week as well as full body strength training 2x/week.

3. Taper #1 (1 Week) Back off on training, take a yoga class or two, drink ½ of your body weight in water everyday and cut out all but 20% of the crap you eat.

4. Peak Phase (4 weeks): This the phase where your workouts will be shorter in length (maximum 75 mins) and intensity will be all out.  Maintain your workout routine of 5 structured workouts per week adding hill repeats and 200-400m sprints to your runs as well as heavy weights, kettlebells, plyometrics and monkey bars and or chin ups to your strength training

5. Taper #2 (1 Week) Back off on training, take a yoga class or two, drink ½ of your body weight in water everyday and cut out all but 20% of the crap you eat. Pack your gear, read lots of inspiration books/magazines/quotes, watch some of your favourite movies, hang out with friends and rest up for race day!

Tara Hunt, PTA, MBS, NWS
Before opening a community leading health club in Midland ON (soon to be an Anytime Fitness franchise) Tara worked for the Ministry of Health and Corrections where she provided fitness programs to patients, inmates and staff. 
As respected athlete in multi-sport, triathlon, running and kettlebells, Tara was the first Canadian to win an XTerra Adventure Triathlon in 2000.  She is known for her innovative, motivating and challenging coaching style. 
Wife to Ed Hunt, famous solo mountain biker together they have 2 young children.  As trainers and partners they share in the role of providing purpose driven coaching to help others find balance with work, rest and play.




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