AOS CHAMPS Series hits Mount St Louis Moonstone

Mar 1, 2012

Speed events include an International Ski Federation (FIS) Parallel Giant Slalom and Snowboarder Cross Competitions. The CHAMPS will also include all age categories including the Under 10 group.

CHAMPS is Ontario’s Marque event. The Canadian Ranking List will include events from each of the 5 major provinces - British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. This event enables riders competing within their provinces to get recognition on the Ranking List and see where they stand against the rest of Canadian athletes including the National Teams and Pro athletes. This is an exciting initiative that will enable junior riders to begin their point’s journey towards National and Olympic aspirations.

The Champs Slope Style and Half Pipe events will be sanctioned by both Ticket To Ride (TTR) and the FIS.

Those who win CHAMPS will skip the qualifications at the Snow Crown. The top male and female Slope Style and Half Pipe athletes in the Champs PRO Category will receive an auto-entry to the Snow Crown Semi Finals.

CHAMPS results will be used in selection for both the SNOWCROWN and Speed Nationals. General Manager Robert Huter says, “We hope to see some of this weekend’s competing athletes go on to represent Canada in Sochi 2014. As a ski resort we’re proud to host this high caliber event in what is integral to the sport of Snowboarding. Come, watch and cheer on the athletes. It truly will be phenomenal to see!”

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