9th Annual Torch Light

Feb 22, 2012


The Mount St Louis Moonstone Snow School will once again execute a very special event, the 9th Annual Torchlight on Saturday February 25th.

Snow School Director Jim Morris says the torch light began, “…in 2004 as part of MSLM’s 40th Anniversary celebrations and as a surprise to both Josl and Elfriede Huter to mark such an important milestone in their family business”.

9 years later, the Torchlight remains a very special evening for the 150 ski and snowboard instructors at Mount St Louis Moonstone. Jim Morris goes further to explain, “The torchlight is a big part of Snow School morale and a team building exercise not only for MSLM instructors but for both of our travelling Snow School’s High Park and North Toronto Ski Club. The event culminates as part of a Mix & Mingle party between all 3 Snow Schools.”

A truly magical experience to witness, the torches will be lit and the run will go ahead at dusk, roughly 7:30 pm, on Saturday February 25th. 

Mount St Louis Moonstone - Go where the snow is.

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