Valentine's Day BOGO at Mount St Louis Moonstone

Feb 2, 2012

In the fall of 1959 a young Austrian named Josl Huter met an impressionable non skier. It was true love at first sight. That lovely young woman was named Elfriede.

Josl was off to Canada for the winter but told Elfriede before he left for the land of opportunity that upon his return, he would marry her. That’s exactly what happened.  On April 22nd 1960 Josl and Elfriede were married.

Elfriede eventually learned to ski. Together they created and continue to operate Ontario’s best ski resort, Mount St Louis Moonstone. They’ve been riding chairlifts together across Europe and North America ever since.

When asked, “Why did you marry Elfriede?” Josl always the joker said, “Well, she wanted to marry me…and I was looking for someone!”

Elfriede always a quick wit said, “On our second date he asked me to marry him, he needed cheap labour!”

This spring, Mount St Louis founders, Josl and Elfriede Huter will have been happily married for 52 years. In their honour and in the spirit of true love Mount St Louis Moonstone is offering a Valentine’s Day BOGO. Buy one lift ticket and get the second one FREE.

Hope to see you and your sweetheart on a chairlift at Mount St Louis Moonstone February 14th.

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