Honouring Our Snow School's Finest

Jan 26, 2012

Peter Barrick and John Walker were not only passionate MSLM Snow School Instructors but both were admirable parents to their families and both were highly inspirational members of our Snow School. 

In honour of these two outstanding individuals, the MSLM Snow School commemorated their influence on those who knew them. In an effort to express our condolences to immediate family members, the MSLM Snow School unveiled a permanent plaque at the home of the Snow School. 

On January 7th the Snow School took a "last run of the day" in their names. Skiers and friends headed down the run and entered the Snow School Building to witness the commemorative plaque. The plaque, which will hang always, is water marked by a silhouette of Peter at the top of a run and features a caption which describes the positive influence both Peter and John had on all Snow School professionals, young and old. A life model which both valued and each had emmulated, " The pleasure you get out of life is equal to the "ATTITUDE" you put into it". The short ceremony concluded with Amazing Grace and a moment of silence.

Everyone at MSLM from our staff right to our own family extend our deepest condolences to both the Barrick and Walker families. We thank Peter and John for their positive influence and lasting memories that they offered to our resort and our Snow School.

We will miss them, however we truly believe that their spirit will be with us always.  

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