Skiing is a massively popular sport, with thousands flocking to the slopes every winter to enjoy the winter sun. For first-timers, however, it can be a little intimidating, so we put together a short list to keep you from eating snow.

1. Friends

The most important decision you’ll make when you decide to start skiing is who you bring with you. You’ll need someone who is patient and willing to skip a day (or more) of skiing to help you out, which can be difficult. If there’s no one who fits these criteria, go with someone else who has a similar level of experience. Remember, your partner on the slopes should be someone at a similar skill level and personality.

2. Terrain and conditions

For any first time skier or snowboarder, it’s important to choose a ski resort with a good beginner’s area. Shop around, and ask ski shops and ski enthusiasts. Beginners should head for wide slopes, not steep slopes. Some resorts only have one bunny or beginner hill. You need multiple bunny hills so you can work your way up, rather than going from one extreme to another. Mount St Louis Moonstone has the most beginner terrain in Ontario and is without a doubt the best place to learn.

3. Clothing

Clothes are probably the most important things for skiing safely, so we’ll be spending more time with them than anything else. More than skis or other equipment, if you wear the wrong clothes, you will be punished. If you fall, you will get wet. Jeans dry slowly and you could be spending hours out there. Thick ski pants are the order of the day.

Another thing people overlook is sweating. If you sweat and get cold, you’re facing the same problem. Get a good waterproof zippered jacket that you can open to avoid sweating.

Out of all your skiing gear, boots will be the most important thing you have. When you wear them, your foot should be held firmly, but you should also be able to wiggle your toes. If you can turn your foot inside the boot, you will not be able to control your skis or your board. Make sure to try on multiple pairs before buying. The extra effort is worth it.

If your boots fit right, they will be warm. Do not wear two pairs of socks, because you’ll lose circulation. Choose the socks based on how the boots seem to be fitting. Bring two pairs of socks your first time, a thin pair, and a medium-thick pair and see how they sit with your boot.  You may have to wear a thin sock on one foot and a thicker sock on the other, but that’s nothing to worry about.

4. Plan Your Trip Here

If you want to enjoy some of Ontario’s most exciting ski hills, don’t miss out on Mount St. Louis Moonstone.  With stellar ski hills, snowboarding hills, and unique terrain, thousands of individuals and families visit us each year, for the ultimate ski experience.

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