Travel with Equipment: How to Choose a Ski Bag

ski hills in ontarioSki season is here and it’s time to get geared up.  Sometimes sorting through all the different choices can be a bit overwhelming. And odds are, you’ve spent enough on equipment as it is.

Finding the right ski bag is just as important as the rest of the equipment itself.  You can’t just lug your skis around if you want to ensure they last a long time and an appropriate bag will not only protect your skis, but make them easy to carry.

Below we’ll get into some of the things to look out for in a good ski bag.

The Destination

If you’re looking to go to ski resorts in Ontario, you’ll want to make sure the bag you have is suitable for the journey.

Whether you’re driving or flying in, you should always make sure to have an ID tag with your contact information attached.  Baggage handlers or absent-minded valets don’t care about your gear as much as you do.

When you’re buying your bag, don’t cheap out.  A good way to see if it’s high quality is to have a look inside.  The lining will tell you everything.  If you see a somewhat shiny and stiff backing on the inside, this means its PVC laminated, waterproof and reinforced at the seams.

Another thing to consider if you’re travelling is the padding.  If you live next to a ski hill you could probably get away with a simple sleeve but to ensure that your skis don’t get knocked around too hard look for polypropylene foam padding.

This may make your bag bulky depending on how you transport so make sure that you size everything out before hand.


The webbing on a ski bag is just as important as the material.  Webbing is a fancy term for straps and without them the bag isn’t going to be much use.  Look for wide webbing that looks sort of like what you’d see on a hockey bag but thicker still.

Handle wraps make for easy carrying and can prevent you from suddenly dropping your expensive gear and come highly recommended.  If you’re carrying a lot of luggage, wheels are good extra accessories to consider adding.  A good set of thick wheels will make it less of a risk for your precious skis, when your hands are full with other baggage.

A Discerning Eye

Making sure you have the right bag is all about looking at the little details.  Remember to keep your destination in mind: How you’re getting there and how strong you need your bag to be.  Extra little details to look out for include the tubing along the seams, extra compartments and material that’s water and scratch proof.

Taking time to consult with an expert and do careful shopping isn’t anything to be ashamed of or underestimated.  You’ve already dropped enough money on your gear and the last thing you need is a bad choice in bag costing you more in repairs!

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