Travel with Equipment: How to Choose Car Rack for Skis and Snowboards

snowboarding hills in OntarioMoving your snowboarding or skiing gear around is something that has to be done with care considering how expensive they are. When you think about how far you’ve got to travel to get to your resort or hill it’s obvious why you need to pick the right car rack for your equipment.

There are quite a few options in terms of transport attachments for your car.  Read on to find out where to begin your search for the right car rack.

Different Shapes and Sizes

There are many attachments but not all of them are suited for skis and snowboards.  These attachments include:

  • Trunk Rack:  As the name suggests, these are attached to the trunk of your car.  They’re used almost exclusively for bicycles though.
  • Spare-Tire Rack:  Often used for a spare tire they can be re-purposed for transporting bicycles.
  • Hitch Rack:  A hitch rack is attached to your hitch mount to tow your gear.  Unfortunately, it isn’t suited to snowboards or skis and again is perfect for bikes.
  • Roof Rack / Cargo Boxes:  Both are mounted on your roof and can work with stock rails, mounts or crossbars that may be part of your roof.  With the biggest area, these are the only kinds of rack that will be able to carry your equipment.

It’s a shame that most racks favor bikes but the choices we’re left with are more than enough to safely move your gear from your home to the slopes.

Less or More?

The two racks suitable for your equipment are either roof racks or cargo boxes.  We mentioned in their description that they’re often compatible with some of the structural pieces that may already be on your roof like supports and crossbars.

There are plenty of differences between roof racks and cargo boxes but only one thing matters in your case:  how much you’re bringing along.

A great example of where one would be better than the other is a packed car.  If you’re driving to one of the snowboarding hills in Ontario while carting a lot of people then you might not have enough room for your smaller gear.  Mounting this on a roof rack isn’t possible but a cargo box can safely keep all the loose items in place.

Another difference between the two is that cargo boxes are lockable.  If you’re roughing it and not headed to a resort or well-travelled area, this can offer even more room than the inside of your car to lock up your valuables.

Do it Right

The most important thing about choosing a rack for moving your gear is that it be installed correctly.  Consult your owner’s manual, manufacturer or the vendor of the rack to be absolutely sure you haven’t overlooked anything.

It’s not dramatic to assume you’d never want to see your skis or snowboards fly off your roof and skid across the road so for your sake, ignore everything else but efficiency.

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