Top 10 Skiing Tips

skiing BarrieSkiing is exciting and fun; however, to fully appreciate this sport there are several tips that will keep you safe and make this sport enjoyable as well as extremely satisfying.

Keep Looking Forward!

If you haven’t skied in a while or if you are a beginner, it is important to keep your legs squarely under your hips with your shoulders pointing downhill. This will give you more control and a stronger technique when skiing. Some skiers make the mistake of not looking forward by only looking at their skis. Experts suggest that a skier should look forward, about ten feet ahead and to keep looking forward at all times. By looking ahead of you, you will have a better sense of where you’re going and be more in focus on what is coming up next, instead of what is going on in the moment. This will also prepare you for uneven areas of snow.

Good Skiing Takes Time

Keep in mind that learning how to ski or when refreshing your skiing skills takes time. Keep your expectations reasonable; this will help you to stay focused and keep you from giving up too quickly. Talking with an instructor will show you where you’re going wrong and what goals you need to make in order to improve your skiing. In addition, by focusing on small accomplishments, your confidence will build and that will lead to success.

Boots and Skiing Schools are Important

Obtaining the proper boots is another requirement for good skiing. Boots that fit properly are extremely important and can make the difference in becoming either a good or poor skier. Most importantly, find a resort that has skiing schools, excellent family programs and terrain that is in top shape. However, be sure to also check your local area. They may have several easy, bunny hills that will help with practice runs.

You Will Fall a lot!

Keep in mind, when it comes to skiing you will fall a lot! However, there are ways to fall that make falling easier and safer such as falling to your side instead of falling forward or backward; which may twist something. And, when you fall, get back up and try again. Most importantly, if you are accident prone, wear pads.

Another tip is to see if your resort has a poma lift. This will help you build up to a chairlift. Look for beginner runs; which are flatter, shorter, better groomed and not as steep as extreme terrain. There are fewer obstacles with this kind of terrain and this will also give a boost to your ski-learning process.

Most importantly, be sure to do several sessions of core and leg exercises; keeping agile will make skiing smoother and may prevent a serious injury. Of course, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep will also keep you in tip-top form. When you feel good, you will perform better and be more prepared to meet the challenges of skiing.

Keep Your Skis Parallel And Never Spread Your Legs Apart

Keep in mind to always keep your skis parallel and never spread your legs apart. It is much harder to stay balanced if your skis are spread apart. Most importantly, when you make a turn while skiing, keep most of your weight on your inside ski. This will give you faster speed and more stability when coming out of a turn.

To conclude, skiing is a great sport and is highly enjoyable; however, to make skiing even better, follow a few handy skiing tips and you will succeed in this very adventurous sport!

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