Never Store Your Skis Like This

Did you know that your plans to get back to the slopes come next ski season can be derailed by something as simple as not knowing the right way to store your skis?  It’s always an afterthought but your skis are just as likely to get wrecked in the safety of your home as they are on the snow.  Here’s how you should never store your skis.

With great skis comes great responsibility

You can be as careful as can be at the resort but if you put your skis away without care, the negligence will be just as bad for them.  This isn’t to say that you have to check on them weekly until its time to strap them back on but there are a few basic things you should avoid doing so your skis stay pristine for next season.

To start off, they should be clean.  A cursory visual inspection isn’t enough.  Things like salt and dirt can take a toll over time.  Don’t put them anywhere where the edges will be knocking into each other and don’t hang them from the tips.

Don’t forget about the boots or bindings either and make sure you’re organized about how you store them.  How you store them isn’t enough, where is just as important.

No nooks, no crannies

Being careless about where you keep your skis is a great way to kill your excitement on that first day of your trip to the resort.  DON’T even think about keeping your skis in these types of places:

  • A bag of some kind
  • Somewhere dark and damp (basements, attics)
  • Outside (underneath tarps, sheds)
  • In tight spaces with other objects

What makes a good storage location is one thing and one thing only:  climate control.  Making sure they’re put somewhere temperature and moisture control is one way to avoid the skis warping, chipping or changing.

Good places should be completely climate controlled and protect your skis from being disturbed.  Under your bed, on a display rack or anywhere else that’s relatively stable will prevent the skis from suffering the effects of moisture.

There’s something else you can do to give your skis a boost.  All it requires is some tender love and care on your part.

Clean bill of health

No matter how well you take care of your skis they’re bound to need some attention at some point (pun intended).  A tune up in the middle of summer will keep the base in good condition, seal the skis with wax and keep the edges sharp.

It requires little effort on your part and it means your skis will perform great when you strap in, on top of bolstering their durability while they’re in storage.

There are definitely ways to make sure your skis last long and perform well after their long slumber but it’s really up to you.  If you live for ski season and can’t wait to get back, knowing how to store your skis can guarantee a great first trip.

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