Don’t Dare Touch Your Snowboard Until You’ve Tried This Workout!

Snowboarding is a very grueling sport, it takes hard work and dedication to get into the high levels and start competing, but people can also take to the slopes on a snowboard for fun and recreation. When you’re getting ready to go out on the mountain with a snowboard you’ll need to make sure your body is in tune and shaped up enough to meet the demands of the exercise that you are about to put yourself through. The rigors of running down a mountain, no matter if you’re on a ski or a snowboard, will wear on your body, as a result you need to make sure you’re in great shape and that you’ll be able to hold up for the durat ion.

Work on Muscle Memory

First off, you’ll need to start practicing the motions of taking a board down the slopes pretty far in advance of your first run of the season. Usually you want to give yourself about a month and a half to three months to prepare for your snow shredding fun, this will give your body plenty of time to adjust to the motions needed to propel yourself down the hill. It’s all about getting the muscle memory fired up so you can pull off a successful run without fear of falling or injuring yourself.

There’s Always Time for a Dip

Next up you’ll want to get in some serious triceps dips each couple days as these will help build upper body balance and strength. You’re going to want to hit between ten and fifteen sets of these every other day in order to keep up the strength in this part of your body. The triceps muscle is what you use to get up off the ground or in order to flip from heel to toe on your board when you’re sitting on the ground..

Calf Raises Are A Must

Another exercise that you’ll need to do to prepare for the upcoming snowfall is calf raises. You’ll need to do these pretty much every day, the legs are incredibly important to snowboarding and your calves are going to be an integral part of maintaining your balance. This is an incredibly important workout and it’s something you need to do every day to make sure you aren’t taking a fall on any of your runs.

Get Some Conditioning

Lastly you’re going to want to get in some serious conditioning exercises. No matter how well built you are or how much balance you may be packing, if you’ve got no lungs, well, you’ve got no hope. Getting out on a bike or taking on running long distances will help you get your breathing under control in time for snowboard season. Poor conditioning will turn anyone into a wheezing baby. No matter how hard you train, if you blow up quickly, you’re goin g to pay just as quickly. That said, if you keep these things in mind and work hard, you’ll be kicking up powder in no time.

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