What Type of Winter Weather Can We Expect in 2013/14

As soon as the long weekend is over, most of the Barrie area’s hardcore ski and snowboarder crowd will already start thinking about the winter. So what can we expect for winter weather this year?

Let’s see what the experts think.


They’re calling for, “Near-normal temperatures from BC to Ontario and southern Quebec.”

They are also forecasting a higher probability of a negative Arctic Oscillation dominating this upcoming winter. That could mean, “more widespread cold for southern Canada and the U.S.. However, the model shows very little in the way of cold for the winter, so other factors may be at play such as low snow cover, low sea ice, cloud cover etc.”

Outlook: Yeah, they got nothin’

The Farmers’ Almanac:

What the experts say about the weather for Barrie's upcoming ski and snowboard season

What the experts say about the weather for Barrie’s upcoming ski and snowboard season

“Ontario and Quebec could be in for a snowy winter season while farther east, the Maritimes could vacillate between bouts of rain and snow… Significant snowfalls are forecast for parts of every zone.”

Outlook: That’s more like it.

Most meteorologists will tell you it’s still too early to really make any big predictions for this coming winter. So how is this fall looking?

“It’s a fairly typical looking fall overall,” says Weather Network chief meteorologist Chris Scott. “We’ll see mostly near normal temperatures across the country with pockets of above normal in some places.”

With nothing concrete to go on yet, all we can do is hope for a tonne of snow this winter.

If you have any questions about the upcoming ski and snowboard season in the Barrie area, please contact us any time.

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