Newschoolers – Upcoming Event at Mount St. Louis Moonshine

skiing BarrieDo you like skiing on the mountain slopes with your family and friends? Do you want to learn skiing? Newschoolers ski school has qualified and trained instructors who may be able to teach you the latest techniques and tricks so that you are able to ski on the slopes with confidence. It is, without doubt, the coolest ski school in Ontario.

Newschoolers Levels

The Newschoolers levels are classified as red and black. These ski students are in the age group of 12-16 and the training sessions are held from Sunday to Friday. The meeting points for the students may vary depending on the weekly session they had chosen. If the training session is from Sunday to Tuesday, then the meeting point is Sunnegga and if it is from Wednesday to Friday then it is Furi.

Red Newschoolers Level: In this group, the teenagers ski red runs and get ready to tackle the black level. The focus of this group is on improving the technique and tricks of skiing. They also become aware of the safety to be followed on the slopes.

Black Newschoolers Level: This is the top level group that has gained mastery over the slopes. This group has perfected the art of skiing and considered experts in navigating the easy and difficult skiing terrain.  They try to take on every black run in the resort. These skiers get a safe introduction for skiing in different terrains.


The instructors at Newschoolers are trained and qualified and this ensures that you are able to learn the techniques of skiing from the best. All instructors at the resort have completed at least six weeks of training after which they had appeared for the skiing exams. Apart from qualifications and experience, what distinguishes these instructors from others is their passion for skiing.

Why ski at Mount St. Louis Moonshine

There are numerous reasons to ski at Mount St. Louis Moonshine. It has the best snow conditions for skiing in Ontario due to which it is one of most preferred skiing destinations for individuals and families alike. It is easy getting to the top of the mountain and it is ideal for beginner as well as advanced level skiers. Amateur as well as professional skiers can ski on the slopes side by side and this makes it an interesting event.

The ski sessions are open from Monday to Friday and on weekends and holidays. There are a variety of rates that you can choose depending on your budget. Family discount packages are also available.  The rates for adults, youth and seniors may vary and it is advisable to gain knowledge about them so that you can choose wisely and get the best deal.

Booking Online and Cancellation

The groups at Newschoolers fill up so fast that it is best to call and book at the earliest time possible to avoid disappointment. You can choose to book online or send an email asking about the availability of skiing training sessions. If you choose to book online, all that you need to do is to fill the online booking form.

Irrespective of whether you are interested in private lesions or kids sessions, it is best to book early. If due to any reason you are unable to attend classes, you can choose to cancel a week in advance so that you are not charged. If you cancel less than a week, you may be fined or charged 50% and before 24 hours, you may be fined the whole amount. Enjoy your ski sessions and have fun with your family and friends at the resort.

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