Can Moon Phases Help You Plan Your Ski or Snowboard Vacation?

Waiting all year until ski or snowboard season rolls around is agonizing enough but having to plan a ski trip can get really complicated if you don’t know what to expect.  Being able to know what the weather is going to be like on the day of your trip would be great but without a crystal ball, you’ll have to be a little more resourceful.

Look to the stars

It goes without saying that weather plays a huge role in how your ski trip will go.  It isn’t only because of the obvious things like freak blizzards or ice storms.  Temperature, wind and snow depth all make a difference to seasoned skiers and snowboarders.  In order to predict snowfall, some people have turned to more mystical means that could make planning your trip easier.

The moon is a powerful force, influencing tides and affecting weather in ways we’ve yet to understand.  It stands to reason that it may also have a part in how much snow the resort you’re planning to visit will get.

The folks at Escape2ski have already been using the moon to plan ski trips for years.  According to them, the best time to plan your trip is immediately before or after the full moon.  Three days after is more likely to bring on adverse weather with the first quarter generally clear.

With years of experience, there may be merit to trying to read the moon but if you want more scientific forecasting, there are definitely alternatives.

Trends and patterns

The tried and tested way to make sure that your resort is in good condition is to find out straight from the horse’s mouth.  Most resorts gladly post the conditions of their hills so that seasoned skiers and boarders know what they’re in for.

If you can’t get that information or simply want more sources to cross reference, there’s another source you may want to consider.  It may not be as ancient as the moon but it’s loaded with tradition.

Since 1792 the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been cataloguing and forecasting weather to help with everything from planting crops to gardening.  Assuming you want to go all out, you can easily combine information from different sources like the Almanac to try and predict the weather ahead of your trip.  It’s certainly better than relying on the five day forecast.

The future is bright

Whether you’re analyzing the skies for reassurance or consulting weather records and the resort itself, anything is better than just hoping for clear skies.

The key is to prepare for all eventualities.  Next to actually seeing the future, checking all these sources is the only way to eliminate all the unknown variables and plan a ski trip well.

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