Did Justin Beiber Really Try to Rent a Ski Hill on NYE?

It seems Canada’s own Justin Beiber was recently near Barrie. Snowboarders and skiers may have been star struck by seeing the pop star, but the local resort was not.

Reports say that Beiber inquired about renting an entire hill at Collingwood’s Blue Mountain on New Year’s Eve, so he and his friends could snowboard privately. Predictably, he was told “No.”

A source that claims to have been there told InTouch Magazine that, “no one – not even Justin Bieber – is allowed that.”

The source added, “He was a bit upset because he couldn’t rent the whole hill for the day, he just had to walk around it like every other people and snowboard like anybody else. He was walking around like he owned the place.”

Barrie snowboardingThe good people at Snowboarding.com also reported the event and jumped at their chance to dig at the Beib, saying “Yikes, snowboarding with the common folk! Rough life.”

They also posted this picture of him and said, “For the record, this is what Justin Bieber looks like on a snowboard. Just saying.”

If you have any questions about skiing or snowboarding in Barrie, please contact us any time.

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