Green vs Blue: Which Part of the Ski Hill are Your Kids Ready For?

kids ski hill

Balancing fun with safety can be a bit tough if you’re not sure what kids ski hill to choose when going on your ski trip.  Figuring that out isn’t too hard as long as you can lean to read their skill level.

Over the Hill


Knowing the differences between slopes is crucial knowledge if you’re wondering which ones are suited for your kid.

The two slopes you should be looking at are:

  • Green:  These are the easiest slopes and can be referred to as ‘beginner’ slopes.  The snow is well maintained and they tend to have only a little bit of an incline.
  • Blue:  The majority of runs at a resort tend to be made up of blue ones.  The incline is greater but blue runs have flatter sections so you can control your speed.  Some small areas may not be as well groomed or have obstacles.

Anything beyond these two is definitely not something you should try, especially with a skier who isn’t confident.  If you’re in doubt, ask staff at the resort or even the chairlift operator. But don’t just experiment.

The different slopes aren’t just graded on difficulty level, they’re usually tied into the skills of the individual skier and the lessons at the resort.

Learning Curves


It’ll be several hours of lessons before your child is allowed on to green slopes.  Primarily, they’ll need to know how to:

  • Put on their equipment
  • Be aware of resort regulations and code of conduct
  • Know how to stand up after a fall
  • Show balance and know how to glide with wedge
  • Know how to stop
  • Know how to do initial turns

Lessons are crucially important for a variety of reasons.  First, they’ll ingrain good habits from the get-go.  Second, continuing with lessons past the basics ensures that they’ll be able to move on to other skill levels and eventually, blue runs.

Level Up


If you’re child looks comfortable on green terrain, it’s time to think about moving up to blue.  Before you do that though, you need to make sure they understand a few key concepts.

Parallel skiing, linking turns, pole use, and hockey stopping are all things they’ll need to be comfortable with to make sure the terrain doesn’t get the best of them.  Check with the resort or ski instructors to confirm what skills they should know before tackling the slope.

Most of all, it’s important that your child be comfortable.  Eventually, they’re going to want to move on to a big kids ski hill and it’s up to you to gauge whether they’re prepared or not.  The more time you spend on the green, the better.

Eventually, your kid will be just as at home on more challenging hills.  Always remember, the resort is there to help you every step of the way.

Choose a Family-Friendly Hill


Mount St. Louis Moonstone is one of the largest family owned ski resorts in Ontario. It was founded 50 years ago by Austrian Alpine skier Josl Huter.

We’re proud our hill is the go-to choice for families across the area. Click here to learn more.

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