Going the Distance: How Do Ontario’s Bike Races Compare?

Barrie snowboard hillSome people believe that bike races are the most amazing events to participate in.

The riders always have the time of their lives on their bikes, facing different challenges with each stretch. While the fans take this opportunity to catch up with other racing fans as they enjoy the beautiful scenery and other fun events.

The thing about Ontario is that there are numerous Bike races. Deciding which one to attend and which one to miss is quite a challenge. Here are a few bike races you can consider attending this year.

The Grand Sudbury Ontario Cup
This race will take place on the 12th and 13th of July, at Naughton Ski & MTB Trails Sudbury, Ontario. It is important to fill out an online entry before 5pm on the 11th of July, though last minute registration is allowed at the racing site on 12 July. Late applicants will be expected to pay using cash only and to pay an applicable late application fee. On July 13th, no entries will be accepted. Being a holiday season, early booking is highly encouraged.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour
This year will be the 43rd edition of the Rideau Lakes Cycle tour.

The path is quite challenging, especially through Ottawa and Kingston. But, riders always like the challenge. The expected number this year is more than 2000 people. Most of the riders come from neighbouring areas with others coming from other countries to take part in the race. Early booking and reservation will assure a spot in the race this year.

Canadian MTB Champs
The Canadian XC Mountain Bike Championships Ontario Cup XC #5 will take place from the 16th to 20th of July. All riders who are interested are required to fill out an online registration form before 5pm on July 17th. For the last minute entries, they can take part in the Sunday races. But, their online entries have to be in by the 18th or 19th, though an applicable fee for lateness will apply. No double entry is allowed and no entries on the race day, on July 20 will be accepted.

The Ciociaro Thursday Race Series
This is a very unique race, which has been in existence for over 30 years. The race is scheduled for the 26th of June, where riders will race over a short 1.4Km distance.

The course is quite exciting and the number of interested riders keeps increasing with every race.

Epic 8 Hour Mountain Bike Relay
This is a one of a kind race, in the form of a bicycle relay. Participants get personal and team challenges that are fun and exciting. The facilities, the varied courses and the rider support are unmatched. The race will take place on the 23rd of August this year at the Hardwood Ski and Bike.

The deadline for application is the 20th of August at Midnight, and the application fee will cover all the licenses and permit fees. Early booking for the race and accommodations are highly encouraged.

Crank the Shield
This is an exciting and very challenging three-day stage race. It will take place from the12th to 14th of September, and the course will cover the outstanding shield country in Ontario. Riders will ride through lakes, spectacular vistas, and exposed rock all the way to the finish.

This race has attracted numerous participants over the years. And is expected to attract the biggest number yet, this year.

The Hardwood SingleTrack Challenge
This will be a one of a kind bike race, which will take place on the18th of October.

The course will be unveiled on the day of the race. It’s an exciting 25 Km ride, weaving through some of the popular trails. This will make the race both fun and challenging, even for riders who are familiar with the area. For those interested in the race, online registration is on-going. The location for the event is along 402 Old Barrie West, Ontario.

The Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike Sunday XC Race Series
This is a race scheduled for July 13th, consisting of 5 and 10Km races, where participants only need to raise $10 to race.

The winners receive prices for their excellent performance and endurance. Registration is open up to 10:30 am on the day of the race. Anyone, regardless of age and gender will find a place and an opportunity to fight for a prize.

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