Is Summer the Best Time to Buy Snowboards?

Should you buy your snowboard in the summer? The short answer is yes. Experts and snowboarders sharing their wisdom in forums agree that summer is the time to buy. Why? No one is thinking about snowboarding in the summer (unless they are longing for the beginning of the season); because no one needs the equipment […]

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Who’s Sexier: Skiers or Snowboarders?

It’s no secret that athletes tend to be characterized as “sexy” by most people. Skiers and snowboarders are no exception to this rule. But what sport attracts sexier people: skiing or snowboarding? Here are some things to think about when trying to answer this tricky question. The Science of Sexy Before deciding what sport attracts […]

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I Bet You Didn’t Think Snow Was Made Like This

Snow occurs when the atmospheric pressure drops below freezing point. When the temperature in the atmosphere drops below freezing, the water particles stored in clouds freezes. As the water particle, that is now frozen, makes its way through the atmosphere it goes through several different temperatures, and picks up water particles as it falls. The […]

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