4 Ways Skiers Can Build Leg Strength Over the Fall

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Keeping your legs strong during the offseason ensures that you don’t get injured the next time you have a chance to hit the slopes. During the summer and autumn seasons, the lack of available ski slopes can lead to the atrophy of leg muscles that provide lower-body stability.

Taking the time to commit to an offseason routine that consists of exercises which strengthen the lower legs prepares you for the next time the hills become flush with powder. Here are four different ways that skiers can maintain their leg strength over the fall.


Cycling provides a superb way of maintaining both the strength and endurance of your leg muscles. Even better, rather than spending hours inside the gym or at a spin class, you can simply hit the trails and enjoy the great outdoors while you train.

In terms of building leg strength, going up steep hills or inclines is the best way to build strength. Regardless of whether you choose to bike indoors or out, cycling is a great training tool that can be utilized to stay fit throughout the year.

Free Weights

Performing lifts, squats and lunges while holding barbells or kettlebells are an excellent way to develop and maintain leg strength whenever and wherever you want. A variety of different exercises can be used to target specific regions, like the quadriceps or the hamstring muscles.

Like most techniques, paying close attention to proper form is vital when carrying out these exercises. Be careful not to overextend yourself and use weights that are too challenging – blowing out a knee while attempting to strengthen your leg is guaranteed to be counterproductive.


Just like free weights, yoga is all about following proper form and technique. Finding a instructor who works closely to help you align your body according to a posture is vital.

Yoga can be a particularly good exercise for those who wish to build leg muscles as they recuperate from an injury. An experienced yogi can help you target specific areas of your body while making adjustments that prevent harming yourself.


One of the most popular exercise routines is the phenomenon of CrossFit training, which consists of a circuit of different tasks that you rotate through in order to work the entire body. CrossFit exercises include plenty of leg work, which helps to boost metabolism in the development of your entire body.

In addition to muscle development, CrossFit ends up providing a solid cardiovascular routine because of the fact that you move from one exercise to another without taking much of a break.

There are plenty of ways to maintain the strength of your legs during the fall while preparing for the upcoming ski season at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. Selecting the exercise that works best for you depends on your current level of physical fitness and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to commit to in the process.

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