February 2015

Travel with Equipment: How to Choose Car Rack for Skis and Snowboards

Moving your snowboarding or skiing gear around is something that has to be done with care considering how expensive they are. When you think about how far you’ve got to travel to get to your resort or hill it’s obvious why you need to pick the right car rack for your equipment. There are quite …

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Introductory Snowboarding and Skiing Tips from the Canada Snowboard/Ski Team

Once you’ve got the basics of skiing or snowboarding down, getting better is a matter of practice.  What most beginners overlook though is looking to someone with experience for a little advice. They don’t just offer practical knowledge, they can explain the nuances of things that would have never crossed your mind to make you …

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Travel with Equipment: How to Choose a Ski Bag

Ski season is here and it’s time to get geared up.  Sometimes sorting through all the different choices can be a bit overwhelming. And odds are, you’ve spent enough on equipment as it is. Finding the right ski bag is just as important as the rest of the equipment itself.  You can’t just lug your …

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