September 2014

Don’t Dare Touch Your Snowboard Until You’ve Tried This Workout!

Snowboarding is a very grueling sport, it takes hard work and dedication to get into the high levels and start competing, but people can also take to the slopes on a snowboard for fun and recreation. When you’re getting ready to go out on the mountain with a snowboard you’ll need to make sure your …

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Who’s Sexier: Skiers or Snowboarders?

It’s no secret that athletes tend to be characterized as “sexy” by most people. Skiers and snowboarders are no exception to this rule. But what sport attracts sexier people: skiing or snowboarding? Here are some things to think about when trying to answer this tricky question. The Science of Sexy Before deciding what sport attracts …

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What Does it Take to Become Travis Rice?

Travis Rice is an elite level snowboarder, one of the greatest of all times. Do you have what it takes to be the next Travis Rice? Have you considered what you should do to attain such a status? Here are some tips and tricks to work your way to becoming an elite level snowboarder.  Nutrition …

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