The 15 Most Spectacular Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures can be beautiful pieces of art that take a lot of time and effort to make. They are only limited by the artist’s imagination and can have a variety of themes. No two ice sculptures are alike; they can be as varied as a character from a popular comic book or TV show to a recreation of a historical site. Unfortunately, these pieces of art only last a limited amount of time due to their building material. Thankfully, there are many pictures online people have taken of beautiful ice sculptures from all around the world. Here are 20 most spectacular ice sculptures from around the world!

1. This is a colorful ice palace that was made for the Harbin Ice Festival in China. The amount of detail and work involved in making this sculpture is amazing.

ice-1Photo credit to La Priz @ Flickr

2. This beautiful Yule Ball ice sculpture is a recreation from “The Goblet of Fire” of the Harry Potter series.

ice-2Photo Credit to Sally T @ Flickr

3. Created by Rhea Thierstein from Vogue, this ship sculpture is an amazing work of art.

ice-3Photo Credit to Rhea Thierstein

4. This picture was taken in Fairbanks, Alaska at the World Ice Art Championships, and was made from a single block of ice.

ice-4Photo credit to Ann Erler @ Pinterest

5. This ice sculpture is called “Chasing the Wind” and it was made for the 2010 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.

ice-5Photo credit to Gary Whitton @ Flickr

6. An amazing Japanese-themed ice castle.

ice-6Photo credit to SteFou! @ Flickr

7. Here is a very detailed and amazing sea horse ice sculpture.

ice-7Photo credit to Ann Erler @ Pinterest

8. This ice sculpture of an umbrella is really breathtaking. The intricate detail involved really can blow your mind.

ice-8Photo credit to Laet Oliveira @ Twitter

9. An ice pepper containing a variety of hot peppers. What is there not to like?

ice-9Photo credit to

10. Here is an ice carriage perfect for a fairy tale wedding straight out of Cinderella.

ice-11Photo credit to Monirae @ Blogspot

11. This bird ice sculpture is called “Ascension” and was made for the 2010 Ice World Championships.

ice-12Photo credit to Ice Impressions

12. Here is an Olympic Torch ice carving, done with amazing detail.

ice-13Photo credit to Beverly Nuermberger @ Pinterest

13. The lighting really brings out the detail in this Blue Ringed Octopus ice sculpture.

ice-14Photo credit to Gary Whitton @ Flickr

14. Here is an amazingly detailed (and a bit frightening) alligator head sculpture.

ice-15Photo credit to Ice Carving Secrets

15. A cornucopia ice sculpture with flowers is really pleasing to the eyes.

ice-16Photo credit to Texasfolks ! @ Pinterest

16. Here is something a little different. This is an abstract ice sculpture with amazing lighting effects.

ice-17Photo credit to Brilliant Ice Sculpture

17. A cool looking puffer fish ice sculpture.

ice-18Photo credit to Ben Townsend @ Flickr

18. And here is a highly detailed ice dragon. Once again, the lighting effects come into play, really allowing the details to show.

ice-19Photo credit to Fil.Al @ Flickr

19. This “Mountain Hunter” ice sculpture features a bird-of-prey hunting for fish.

ice-20Photo credit to SteFou! @ Flickr

20. And last but not least, this amazing ice sculpture is of 2 kids having an imaginary battle.

ice-21Photo credit Mike Gifford @ Flickr

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