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Bag Jump

Mount St Louis Moonstone and ROCKSTAR Energy Drinks have brought back the Bag Jump!  The Number 1 Terrain Park in Eastern Canada continues to set the bar with The ROCKSTAR Bag Jump.

The ROCKSTAR Bag Jump allows Skiers and Snowboarders of all levels to try every trick they ever dreamed of without the risk of serious injury due to a hard, icy landing!  The award winning Outback Terrain Park will bring a whole new way for you to step your freestyle skills up this winter with the huge 49ft x 49ft ROCKSTAR Bag Jump.  Bag Jump provides a huge, cushioned landing pad designed to catch you when set-up as a landing for either straight jumping, or half pipe use.  Many 2010 Olympic Snowboarders trained and learned their most technical tricks into the Bag Jump last year and now ROCKSTAR and Mount St Louis will be bringing Skiers and Snowboarders this opportunity again this season.


Description Price
Full Day Bag Jump Pass $ + HST
Bag Jump Season Pass $ + HST

Bag Jump Daily Passes are ONLY available at Mount St Louis and Moonstone Guest Services

Download Bag Jump Liability Waiver


Progression is key for skiers/riders looking to push their skills to the next level.  Bag Jump® is considered the most state of the art, action sports training device in the world.  It is designed to eliminate the “trampoline effect” absorbing impacts with maximum softness.

Bag Jump Hours ~ Saturday & Sunday * 11am – 3pm (weather permitting†)

*Bag Jump will be open EVERYDAY During the Holidays – Wed Dec 26 2014 – Jan 4 2015 AND Family Day Mon Feb 16 2015 and MARCH BREAK Mon Mar 16- Fri Mar 21/15*  (weather permitting)

† Bag Jump cannot run in winds higher than 18km per hour or during any active snowfall

† Season Pass or Lift Ticket also required.

Freestyle skiers and snowboarders require appropriate speed, height and velocity.  MSLM’s Bag Jump designed to provide a training venue to progress your ability and skills.

Progression is Key!

Start on smaller features and work your way up.  The Bag Jump is Terrain Park Feature and should only be used by those that have progressed and are riding/skiing within their skill level.  Develop your skills on Small, Medium and Large features before progressing to Extra Large features.  MSLM’s Bag Jump feature is considered an XL feature.

Any misuse of the MSLM’s Bag Jump will be cause for immediate resort dismissal, revoked privileges and will not gain access or money back.


ATML Model – Know the 4 Zones and have a plan before using any freestyle terrain – see below

  • APPROACH zone is space for setting your speed and stance to use the feature.  Approach the Bag
  • Jump take-off for your chosen maneuver as you would for any other similarly sized and shaped take-off.
  • TAKE-OFF zone is for making moves that start your maneuver.
  • MANEUVER zone is for controlling your body in the air and setting up for landing.  Maintain control through your maneuver as you aim for the landing zone.
  • LANDING zone is center of the Bag Jump.  On impact with landing zone allow your momentum to carry you, rolling your body into the Bag jump to allow maximum transfer of your landing energy as the Bag Jump deflates.

Mandatory Requirements in order to access MSLM’s Bag Jump Training Area

  1. Signed Liability Release.  If a minor, an adult/parent/guardian over the age of 18 must authorize and sign liability release.  A single liability release will remain on file at MSLM for one winter season only.
  2. Mandatory Helmet use.  Any person entering into the Bag Jump training venues must wear a helmet while using the Jump and Bag Jump.
  3. Purchase a lift ticket to use the Bag Jump
  4. Bag Jump hours of operation may vary due to wind/weather conditions.
  5. The MSLM Bag Jump Area will have an attendant at top and bottom of Bag Jump.

Download Bag Jump Liability Waiver


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