Let’s be honest, any field trip is a pretty easy sell. Kids get out of class, and teachers don’t have to prepare a lesson. Everyone is happy. But with so many cool and exciting things to do out there in the world sometimes we get overwhelmed and can’t decide which trip to go on! Below are eight reasons why your next school trip should be a ski trip.

 1. You Get Out of Class

You can only spend so long looking at the same four walls. Being at the same desk looking at the same “Hang in there baby” poster and looking at the same wall clock. Willing the seconds to tick by just a little bit faster. Skiing is the perfect opportunity to get out of the classroom.

2. You Get OUTSIDE

Not only would a ski trip get you out of the classroom. It would get you outside! With students spending more time on screen with no signs of slowing down there’s a real chance that your students are seriously short on some all-natural sun produces Vitamin D

3. Anyone can learn to ski

Skiing isn’t exclusive to super-athletes or the naturally coordinated. Anyone can learn to ski with a little bit of dedication (and often less than you think!) and a bit of time. In fact, children as young as two years old have been known to hit the slopes with their folks!

 4. You get to learn to ski!

Now that we know that anyone can learn to ski, we can get excited by the fact that we get to learn to ski! Just imagine gliding along that gorgeous white powder with the wind whizzing past you. Professional speed skiiers often hit speeds of over 200 km/h. That’s faster than the terminal velocity of a skydiver, and an introductory ski trip is the first step to joining the ranks of these speed demons!

 5. You can meet cool people on the chair lift

When we’re in the same places, doing the same things, you often end up also exclusively talking to the same people. On a ski trip groups of people get mixed and matched in the line for the chair lift all the time. This is the perfect time to meet some new people, or get to know casual acquaintances better. Nothing like dizzying heights for a conversation starter!

6. Burn a TON of calories

Teachers, this one’s for you. If you’ve ever found yourself envious of your student’s ability to gobble down unlimited cafeteria food and never add a pound, then you may be interested in knowing that skiing is a super effective calorie burner. BUPA, a private UK based health insurance firm has reported that “moderate downhill skiing burns up, on average, 400 calories an hour.” With those kinds of results, why not have two hot chocolates? Or three or four.

7. Travel

Ski trips are one of the most perfect opportunities to explore new parts of the world. Did you know that 80 countries in the world offer some kind of ski area?. Spread your wings and try somewhere new. Skiing may not be flying exactly, but it sure feels like it.

 8. Panoramic view of the world

Being on top of a mountain or a ski-hill really puts the world into perspective. You can look at the world around you. See a sunset from a totally new perspective, or look down and realize how small we really are. It really puts what’s important into perspective.

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