6 Songs to Pump You Up Before a Run

Creating the right atmosphere for exercise makes it more fun and can keep you going longer. Music can be a powerful motivator, and today’s artists have some great tunes for runners. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”, featuring Zedd, is perfect for when you’re trying to break out of an exercise rut. While the lyrics are about breaking free of an unhealthy relationship, they can work just as well to get you thinking about getting fitter. The club-friendly beat will get you moving too. “Break Free” celebrates self-improvement and makes exercise feel fun again.
  2. The Saturdays’ “What Are You Waiting For?” is a relentless, all-out anthem in favor of getting out there and having a great time. You’ll find your toes tapping all on their own, and before you know it you’ll be ready to start jogging.
  3. If you aren’t sick of “Uptown Funk” yet, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars could boost your confidence and put a smile on your face. Less of a straight-up workout song and more of a warm-up. You may also be unable to resist dancing on the spot, which is a great start for a run (you may look silly if no one else can hear what you’re listening to, but who cares?).
  4. RunnersWorld readers are fans of Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” as a recent running song. A more melodic piece, Dog Days is danceable, definitely listenable, and actively encourages the act in question.
  5. Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo & Kid Ink’s “Delirious (Boneless)” is topping workout music lists all over the place right now, including the Huffington Post’s June 2015 roundup of Run Hundred favorites. The addictive combination of quick rapped lines coupled with intervals of layered lyrics that evoke the sense of deliriousness with giddy accuracy might have something to do with it.
  6. Finally, Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” is the oldest song on this list, but the running obsession people insist on it. Slower than many of the songs on this list, “Eye of the Tiger” still has requisite steady beat, and thinking about all the runners who’ve used this song to get themselves to keep going may just be enough to get you moving too.

Now that you’ve got the beginnings of a playlist, get out there! If you’re looking for a serious workout, try Tough Mudder, which Mount St. Louis Moonstone is hosting this year on August 15 and 16. You can also hit the slopes once the cold weather hits and running becomes more of a challenge.