Preparing for a smooth day of skiing is a task that most people tend to underestimate.  Most get caught up in what gear they’re going to use or which ski hill they’ll be going on.  What most people overlook is what they’re going to be eating before they hit the slopes.

Proper nutrition won’t just guarantee an energetic day – it’ll prevent unnecessary breaks and if you’re going hard – a good recovery.  Below are 5 eating tips that’ll enhance your day, no matter what ski hills you find yourself on.

1. Pre-trip Prep

You may think that eating right has to happen on the day you’re heading out to the hills, but that’s not how your body works.  Up to 72 hours before you plan to ski, make sure you’ve got a lot of carbs on your plate.  Rice, pastas, potatoes and any grains or starches are great ideas.

Make sure to stay hydrated, as you’ll be getting active soon.

A Strong Start

Breakfast is always the most important meal of your day, and that doesn’t change when you’re skiing.  Make sure to have lots of fluids and vitamins.  You can combine the two with a citrus fruit juice.

In order to have energy throughout the day, you should go for slow-releasing whole-wheat cereals and carbohydrates.

Protein and calcium are also important because of how much you’ll be exerting yourself.  Cheese, milk, yogurt, sausage, bacon, ham and eggs are all excellent choices to head out with enough fuel to last.

Midday Boost

It’s time to re-fuel. Trying out your local hill/ resort’s restaurant is part of the experience, so sit down, eat and relax for a minute.

You can opt for healthier and lighter choices like sandwiches, or salads. Or, you can treat yourself to things like pizza or poutine. You just spend the morning skiing, you’ve earned it. But don’t fill up too much, or you will feel it when you get back out there.

A light dessert is okay for the energy boost, as long as you don’t overdo it.  The point here is energy.

Post-ski Meal

Just like when you work out, it’s important to give your weary muscles and burnt out nervous system some much needed nourishment.

You’ll want something that won’t interrupt your sleep but has enough protein to carry you through to another day of skiing.  Nuts, soup, chicken, and fruit are all great.  Protein and granola bars are convenient too.

If you’re having a dessert or pastry, have small portions, and if you find yourself drawn to the poutine, make it a group effort to avoid being sluggish.

Snacks and Sleep

Sandwiches, granola bars and fruit are the best things to keep you going, without weighing you down. Water and sports drinks are good to keep you going all day, but avoid fizzy pop.

Something that impacts how you feel is sleep.  Adequate rest will be the deciding factor with how well you perform and recover.

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