Would your kids rather ski on the Wii than on the hills in real life? Let’s fix that.

For many parents, it’s no small task to encourage your kids to get outside or try something new, but by keeping the following pointers in mind, you can get your kids as excited as you to hit the ski hills and have some fun outdoors.

1. A Smooth Morning

The first thing you should do to get the ball rolling is be conscious of the journey ahead.  Get everything ready the night before and make sure to have a nice full breakfast.

More often than not you’ll be driving far and we all know how kids can be in cars so it pays off to have a full tank of gas.  Try your hardest to prepare so that you can all wake up and get on the road quickly.

2. Don’t Rush In

You may be tempted to buy everything imaginable for your child but you never know how much they’ll like the snow.  Rent all your equipment and test the waters first.

Hopefully, your child will take to it but that doesn’t mean you should whip out your wallet.  See if the resort shop is willing to lease for the season or short term, just to be sure its something they’ll want to do more than a few times.

3. Gear them up

Your kid has to be comfortable and safe if you want them to enjoy their first time on the snow.  Make sure you have the following:

  • Layers of waterproof clothing
  • Warm socks
  • Mittens rather than gloves for easy dressing
  • Properly sized boots
  • A set of starter skis (not too long)
  • A helmet

4. Learn with Them

Lessons for your kids are crucial.  Even if you’re a veteran, you should make sure a qualified professional walks them through all the nuances of starting out.

To make it less daunting you should join them.  Not only will this give them a sense of security, it’ll also make them feel less conscious about trying something challenging.

5. Don’t Push Them

The worst thing you could do is try and accelerate your kid’s learning or make them do something you think is exciting.  You may not be able to perceive it but learning how to glide on snow can cause anxiety until they’ve got the hang of it.

This means no advanced hills or runs.  If your kid is smiling, you’re on the right track.  The key isn’t making them a champion skier, it’s getting them to like the idea in the first place.

If you keep the experience positive and know what’s too little, what’s too much and when to call it a day, then there’s no doubt that your little one will be the one begging you to hit the slopes.

Looking for an Ideal Ski Resort?

Getting your kids to the ski hill is a task in itself, but finding a good ski hill that offers rentals, lessons and beautiful snowy hills is another task.  At Mount St. Louis Moonstone, families return to our resort year after year because of the incredible experience kids (and their parents) get from our top notch hills and fun kid’s programs.

Find out more about our skiing, snowboarding and even our freestyle terrain, or buy your tickets online, and enjoy a perfect day in the outdoors with your family.